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Title: 台灣當代映像―陳順昌水墨人物畫創作研究
Reflection of Modern Taiwan― A Study of Creative Works of Shuen-Chang Chen's Chinese Figure Paintings
Authors: 林昌德
Keywords: 台灣當代
modern Taiwan
social problem
Chinese figure painting
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 關鍵字:台灣當代、社會問題、現實主義、水墨人物畫。 以「人」為創作的主體,無論是外在世界的忠實描繪或內在心境的真實呈現,均可說是人類情感的表現,且人物畫也是最能直接反應當代真實生活的第一手記錄。本研究從台灣當代社會問題出發,探討現今普遍存在而不太為人重視的社會現象,試圖對問題的觀察與省思,配合古今中外人物畫的分析研究,與繪畫圖像產生關聯,並跨越繪畫領域,以社會學、心理學切入,探究當代社會大眾疏離、盲從、不守法、老病的現象及心理因素,尋求更多元性的理念,輔佐繪畫人物心理狀態之呈現。其下希望透過此觀點來探討並闡明水墨人物畫的創作主題: 第一章 緒論―包括研究動機與目的及研究範圍與方法,研究與創作的關係。 第二章 從哲學、社會學、心理學的學理觀點來分析台灣當代社會中疏離、盲從、不守法、老病的現象及心理因素。 第三章 分析以呈現現實主義的中外人物畫作,並從中學習、思考其創作理念、造形、思維和技巧方法。 第四章 陳述本研究的創作理念,分析相關的畫派理論、畫家理念與造形、技法和媒材的關聯。 第五章 以七件作品做為本次創作的內容說明。主要在於以具象寫實的人物畫,描述當代社會面相,傳達個人對問題及週遭生活的感受。一方面在形式語彙上重新探索其可能性,另一方面則以象徵、批判性的視覺圖像,為當今社會現實生活做一側寫。 第六章 本次創作的總結說明。
This paper is mainly the exploration about the figure paintings on ordinary people engaged in certain aspects of everyday life. The painting of the emotional world of human beings, including the depiction of outside world or the interior world of the mind of ordinary people has been manifested. These figure paintings directly reflect the real life in modern Taiwan. This paper investigates the unnoticed phenomena of society associated with the social problem in Taiwan. The observation and speculation of these social problems have been discussed as well as the paintings on ordinary people collected either domestically or internationally. How these images of paintings are produced has been manifested from the points of view of sociology and psychology, in order to investigate the factors of social problems such as indifference, assentation, unlawful acts, aging and sickness in modern society. In search of logos of the multiple elements, the psychological states of the ordinary people have been illustrated. This paper is dedicated to the exploration and manifestation of Chinese freehand figure paintings of ordinary people from the above-mentioned perspectives: Chapter 1: Introduction—including motivation, goal, scope, method and the relation between this research and artistic creation. Chapter 2: The analysis of Taiwan society in terms of indifference, assentation, unlawful acts, aging and sickness from the perspectives of philosophy, sociology, psychology. Chapter 3: The analysis of realistic paintings of local or foreign ordinary people and the study and inspection of beliefs behind the artistic creations, compositions and the techniques of drawings. Chapter 4: The statement of beliefs behind the artistic creations of this research and the analysis of theories of related painting schools, the beliefs of the painters and the associations among composition, techniques and media. Chapter 5: The exposition of seven paintings depicting the aspects of contemporary society based on the realistic figures on the pictures and conveying the problems confronted and reflections of everyday life. On the one hand, the possibilities have been looked into from the ideological vocabulary. One the other hand, the illustrations of the contemporary everyday life have been reached through symbolic, critical visual images. Chapter 6: The conclusion of the artistic creations.
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