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Title: 漁港紀事─意象水墨畫創作研究
Authors: 林仁傑
Keywords: 漁港紀事
commentary on fishing ports
ink and wash painting
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 科技的不斷發明,方便了我們的生活,但也製造了許多問題,如:陸地、河川的嚴重污染,海洋生態遭受破壞;漁業發展失序,近海資源逐漸枯竭;原本取之不盡、用之不竭的海洋,現在卻面臨捉不到魚的窘境;停止破壞、珍惜海洋資源是當務之急。 『婆娑之洋、美麗之島』──台灣四面環海,若能放眼於海洋這「藍色國土」,台灣有無限寬廣的機會。台灣渾然天成之海洋環境,是我們永續生存的命脈。漁港是迎向海洋的起點,也是地區漁業展示的窗口。漁港的形態、漁船的種類、漁貨交易等都可以清楚描繪漁業、漁村的概況。漁民生活其中,漁業文化多采多姿。 漁港不僅是漁業的基地,也是海洋休閒、遊憩、知識教育的據點。身為海洋子民,要認識海洋、擁抱海洋就應該先從了解漁港開始;喚醒國人沉潛的心靈,認識海洋、走向海洋,進而建立一個以海洋文化為主體的國家。期盼能透過畫作傳達筆者對漁港的情感,增進觀者對漁港的認知,並共同來保護美好的景觀,留給後代子孫一個純淨的生存環境。 本論文之研究架構共分六章:第一章說明研究動機、目的、範圍和方法;藉此表明維護生態環境,刻不容緩。第二章敘述與分析創作主題背景、確立研究的方向。第三章探討創作思想與理論基礎;針對泰納、莫內、藍蔭鼎和傅狷夫四人加以分析、探討,訂定創作內容。 第四章為創作理念與實踐;是個人創作理念暨創作實踐之闡述,包括人性觀、繪畫觀以及對生態環境的關懷、水墨技法的執著,還有中西繪畫觀念技法的融合運用。創作實踐則由生活中出發,從最熟悉的地方著手,表達最真實的情感,用藝術美化生活。第五章為創作作品解析;針對漁港的面面觀,做創作緣由、作品內容表現形式等方面之解說。第六章為結論與建議;勾勒出今後繪畫創作教學與繼續努力的方向。
The continuous innovation of science and technology has facilitated our life, but also has created lot of problems, for instance, the pollution of land, rivers, and creeks; thus, destroying the marine ecology. The development of fishery was unorganized; and the fish resources near the coastline are exhausted gradually. Once abundant and unexhausted ocean is now facing a situation where fish catching is hard. It is our top priority to stop destroying, and start protecting as well as treasuring the marine resources. Whirling ocean, beautiful island - Taiwan is surrounded by sea, if we can look at this 'blue territory' of the ocean, Taiwan provide broad and limitlessly opportunities. With its natural marine environment, Taiwan provides us with a sustainable living. Fishing port is the starting point to embrace the ocean, it also the window where the regional fishery was shown. Different form of fishing ports, boats, goods trade, etc. can clearly describe the overview of fishery industry and the fishing village. Fishery culture is among the most colorful in a fisherman daily life. Fishing port is not only the base of the fishery, but also provides the marine recreation, vacation, and the beginning of marine knowledge education. In order to know and embrace the ocean, we should begin with the understanding of fishing port; wake up Taiwanese’s sleeping souls, know the ocean, moves towards it, and followed by setting up a marine cultural country. It is hope that through these paintings, author’s passion for the fishing port could be shared, improving the viewers understanding and knowledge of it; thus protecting the serene scenery hand in hand and giving the next generation a better living environment. The research structure of this thesis is divided into six chapters, Chapter 1 describes about the research motive, aim, range and method; and declares that no delay is allowed to protect the ecological environment. Chapter 2 narrates and creates the theme’s background, defines the research’s direction. Chapter 3 probes into the creative thinking and theoretical foundation; discussion and analysis on Turner、Monet、Lan Yin Ding and Fu Jyuan Fu’s artworks, and follows by determine the contents of my creative pieces. Chapter 4 displays and realizes my creative ideas and practice; It includes my opinions and views on the human nature, art and cares to the ecological environment; my perseverance on the ink-wash painting skills and techniques, the integration of Chinese and Western art’s idea, skill and technique. My works and practices are always set out from daily life, begin from the most familiar part to express the truest feelings, and beautify our life with art. Chapter 5 analyzes the creative pieces; explains the purpose of creating those pieces, contents and techniques based on different aspects and dimensions of fishing port. Chapter 6 is about conclusion and suggestion; and sketches the contours of my future movement and effort in making and teaching art.
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