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Title: 夢境-心靈的潛意識探索
Authors: 王瓊麗
Keywords: 夢境
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 夢境--心靈的潛意識探索 中文摘要 當我們身處在如此高度文明資訊爆炸的年代,外來訊息接收的太多,內在的真實反應早已淹沒在陳規、慣例與格式化之中,紀錄夢裡的影像,傾聽內在的聲音並從東西方的觀點來分析夢境,對於創作也理將探求率真與儉樸以反應內在的真實,進而探討內心的本質與潛意識,來發覺真實的自我。 本創作以探求自我潛意識為目的,故以象徵主義與超現實主義的思想與有關夢境的繪畫來作為研究目標。並結合個人夢境在夢的精神分析心理學中以佛洛伊德與榮格的學說來做探討。 於本創作論文中,以油畫創作為發展主軸,並配合相關精神理論論述的文獻,探討作品中出現物像的象徵意義。 結論部分唯有更加強精神內涵及人文素養的充實將觸角深及東西方宗教、神話、哲學、文學的領域,才能更加深對夢境的研究,也才能做更深入的研究與創作。未來計畫能來進行「藝術治療」的教學研究。 關鍵字:夢境、潛意識
DREAMS—EXPLORATION ON INTERIOR SUBCONSCIOUSNESS Abstract Nowadays, it is a highly-civilized and information-explosive world. Information around people is too much to keep up with, whereas genuine emotion is held back in conventions and routines. Accordingly, recording images in a personal dream and listening to inner voice help to analyze dreams from occidental and oriental perspectives. Besides, sincerity and simplicity can be explored. Therefore, the real aspect of innermost world can be discovered. In addition, true self can be found by investigating the nature and subconsciousness of a person’s innermost world. The purpose of the creation is to explore self subconsciousness. As a result, the goal of the study is based on the thoughts of symbolism and s-urrealism together with paintings on dreams. Moreover, Freud’s and Jun-g’s psychological theories on dreams are made used of. In the thesis, oil painting is the major development in conjunction wi-th the literature review on the discussion of spiritual theory so that the symbolic meaning in works can be explored. It is found out the fact that study in dreams can be further discussed by strengthening spiritual elements and increasing humane cultivation. What’s more, oriental and occidental religions as well as mythology, ph-ilosophy, and literature should be included for the purpose of achieving advanced study and creation. In the future, research on artistic theory can be carried out. Keywords: dream, subconsciousness
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