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Title: 洛神圖:敘事性繪畫之創作研究
The Paintings of the Luo River Goddess : A Study of Narrative Painting
Authors: 黃進龍
Huang Chin-lung
Chou Yun-shun
Keywords: 洛神賦
Luo Shen Fu-The Tale of the Luo River Goddess
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
The scroll of Luo Shen Fu
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract:   當目光在文字與圖像中穿梭,思緒在幻想與真實中來回,誰能逃出故事的情節?   有情節的故事往往深深吸引住許多人,尤其是唯美、浪漫的愛戀故事!而本篇論文主要以曹植《洛神賦》中所敘述的「洛神」為研究創作之“意”,並藉由敘事性文學的角度,來探討十九世紀中期英國拉斐爾前派繪畫中的圖像與文字之“筆”;希望能創造「以水彩媒材的特質結合文學故事的想像」之水彩繪畫風格。   茲就上述概念將本論文分為以下四個部分: 壹、緒論:探討本論文研究的動機目的、範圍限制、架構與方法。 貳、理論基礎:主要引用現有之敘事學的觀念與文獻,來探討拉斐爾前派與顧愷之《洛神賦圖卷》的繪畫風格;並研究西方女性裸像繪畫之演變與分析其美感。 參、創作表現:本章節透過筆者對創作理念的詮釋、內容形式的經營、及個人對於水彩領域的認知,並詳細記載創作歷程之種種,包含如何將抽象的文學意涵詮釋成具象的水彩繪畫作品,意即「洛神賦→文本→故事內容→洛水之神→草圖形式→圖像→洛神圖」。 肆、結論:歸納檢視出本篇論文之研究結果。
Glancing through text and illustrations with your attention wandering between fantasy and reality, can you escape the imaginary world? Stories with intriguing plots, particularly the romantic tales, catch the attention of many people! Therefore, in this thesis, the researcher was inspired by the “ideas” from the Luo River Goddess in Cao Zhi’s Luo Shen Fu-The Tale of the Luo River Goddess and applied the narrative approach to exploring the images and “form” in The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood’s painting in the mid-19th century. Hopefully, a new style of watercolor painting is created by combining the features of watercolor and the creativity in literary works. This thesis is divided into four parts: Part One: Introduction — The researcher discussed the motivation, methodology, field of study, and limitations. Part Two: Methodology — The researcher employed Narratologie and related literature to explore the painting styles between The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Ku Kai-chih’s The scroll of Luo Shen Fu. Besides, studied the female nudes and analyzed the aesthetics involved. Part Three: Creation — The researcher explained in details his ideas, content and organization, personal understanding of watercolor painting, and, most importantly, his creation process. The process included how to interpret abstract concepts in literature through concrete watercolor paintings. And his flow of thought is as follows: Luo Shen Fu → text → story line → the Luo River Goddess → sketch → images → the paintings of the Luo River Goddess. Part Four: Conclusion — The researcher reviewed and generalized the findings.
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