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Title: 肉身覺醒-抗癌歷程圖繪筆記
Awakening of the Mortal body -The process of fighting against cancer by drawings and notes
Authors: 莊連東
Tsai, Shu-Ying
Keywords: 梅洛‧龐蒂
Merleau Ponty
Five Skandhas
Flesh Awakening
Phenomenology of Perception
Disrupted lifes
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 與乳癌搏命的一段求生歷程,由對未知的恐懼與焦慮,引起對身體的感知和肉身煎熬的覺醒。 長達一年餘醫學對癌症治療的正規手術、化療、放療、標靶治療的化學針劑藥物,因侵入和副作用引致的物質、肉身的反應,由梅洛龐蒂的知覺現象學探討身體的感知、知覺的優先性,而推向源頭中的「我」的存在。 藉由東方哲學中老莊的「覺也形開」呼應《眼與心》。梅氏的「有形之視域哲學」所蘊含的無形世界中痛苦的轉化與對人生的參悟與超越。
It is a process of a period of my life when I was fighting against breast cancer, just trying to survive. The fear and the anxiety towards not knowing my fate has caused an awareness of my body and the awakening to the suffering of my mortal body. Extending as long as one year, I underwent several medical treatments. These included surgical operations, chemotherapies, radiotherapies, and targeted therapies. The surgical invasions and side effects caused by chemical medicine injections led to some chemical reactions in the mortal body. Merleau Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception investigated the awareness of the body and the priority of perception, which has formed the existence of “I”. The Eastern philosophical ideology of Chuang Tzu, who was Taoist more than 2,200 years ago, has similar principles as one of Ponty’s books, Eye and Mind. This book contains Ponty’s philosophy of “visible horizon” which focuses on the sublimation of pain and gives insight into getting beyond human life in an “invisible world”. As the book said, “this prehumen way of seeing is the same as the painter’s way”.
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