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Title: 幻想淨境-陳金秀彩墨創作探討
Fantasy and pure wonderland-Thesise oncreation of ink painting-by Chen Chin Hsiu
Authors: 李振明
Cheng-Ming Lee
Chen-Chin Hsiu
Keywords: 幻想
mind pure land
color ink creation
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 文明的進步,社會的緊湊步調牽引著現代人,在都市生活,喧囂的現代將人置於閉塞的狀態,克制情感、冷漠、進行千篇一律的工作,個人如同構成都市的齒輪,日復一日重覆同樣的工作。同時存在複雜而繽紛的生活刺激著個體,免不了被物質吞噬,生活中存在混亂無序、精神崩潰、自殺、行為不良、犯罪、腐敗墮落和混亂的現象,無形中成為一種壓力。超脫俗事,對隱秘的眷戀,成了一種潛藏的渴望。 於是,當心靈的願望受到了壓抑,外在的社會觀感壓制心靈潛意識願望的宣洩,人們尋求一種可以昇華痛苦的管道,即藝術活動。藉由藝術活動達到忘我的境界,莊子用「心齋」及「坐忘」的功夫,來達到心中虛靜的境地,不被形骸之外的外物影響,心中寧靜了,痛苦就不會入於心,藉由藝術活動,對文明現實異化進行短暫的逃避,超越現實,平衡心中的焦慮,展現自己對社會秩序及寧靜的渴求,自尋一處避世的桃花源。 作品表現對心中自有的烏托邦世界,是自己對於現實壓力逃避的居所,探索自己心靈的潛意識,營造出一個不與現實相同,能安放心靈,具有秩序、澄明寧靜,能使心靈得到自由,回到原初的純淨境界,不只是畫面上的,更是行為上的超脫境界,進行藝術活動視為一種修持,在重複、單一的點畫當中,將思慮淨空,使內心虛靜,成就心靈中的一方淨土。
People are always being towed by the progress civilization and compact step of the society nowadays. As living in the busy city, noisy life also makes people stay in the unenlightened condition, restrain emotion to others and do their routine works. Everyone just like a component of the gear wheels to this city, repeats the similar work day after day. It exists complicated and the riotous life stimulating the individuals in the meanwhile, also individuals are swallowed by the charming material somehow. So, an invisibly pressure is formed gradually by the phenomena of disorder, spirit insane, suicide, bad behavior, crime, go to the devil and mess. Such as to everyone has an subconscious eager to overcome common event and an inner desire to oneself secret. When the inner desire has been constrained, external social impression suppresses subconscious eager revealed, people sought himself find the way to sublimate these sufferings which called “artistic activity”. To reach the absorbed situation by artistic activity, Zhuang-Zi achieves the empty static region in his heart without outside influence by the beliefs “Hsin Jai” and “Zo Warn”. No pains will enter into the heart only the heart is totally peaceful and calm. People can be shortly escaped from civilized realistic dissimilation by artistic activity, surmount reality, balance the anxiety of inner mind, then express one’s own desire to social order and peace. After that, people try to seek Arcadia which is shunned the world as well. The Work expresses the innate Utopia world that in my mind, where a residence for me to escaping from the realistic pressure, exploring oneself subconscious mind, breaking a new mental state which is different from the reality, make my mind peace, in order, clearly, calm, enable the mind to obtain the feeling of freedom, returns to the primary pure one finally. Not only in the picture, but also behavior unique surmounted. It is regarded as a kind of both physical and psychological practices by carrying on the artistic activity. During the repeated, sole stippling, we can also make contemplation clear, mental peace, and creative a pure land in our mind.
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