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Title: 花顏與三次元空間的對話
The Dialogue between Flower Expression and Three Dimensional Space
Authors: 蘇憲法
Keywords: 花顏
colors of flowers
mix media ar
three dimensional spaces
Neo Dada
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 藝術,是藝術家藉由創作之作品,呈現出人類內在心靈與外在環境的一種交流,是一種美的經驗的表現。筆者在長期的創作經驗累積與深入的藝術理論研習後認為,繪畫作品應超越以往平面式繪畫的視覺表現,藉由複合媒體藝術和繪畫複合媒材將藝術家內在的情感,表現在其藝術創作上。不同於印象派記錄自然物像與光影的瞬間變化,或寫實主義者所追求的事物真實面貌,複合媒體藝術能讓藝術家將平面繪畫與立體空間物件結合,使其作品具有實用性價值,並藉由互動環境裝置藝術,啟發繪畫美學與物質存在空間的主題性對話。 「花顏與三次元空間的對話」¬-都市叢林一作,屬複合媒體藝術。筆者認為藝術的價值在於單一獨創的不可複製性,絕不同於攝影或印刷製品,是人類的智慧財產,更是內在心靈與外在視覺的溝通橋樑。筆者以二次元平面繪畫中的超寫實技法作為繪畫創作的基礎形式;以文藝復興時期的繪畫藝術空間理論及象徵時空內容的符碼意像,呈現當代繪畫視覺藝術中的創意想像。在每件創作作品中,將花顏與女性的身體以及夢境空間相結合,以「象徵主義」詮釋出人類複雜的心理情感。將平面空間繪畫藝術表現在三次元立體空間物件的創作,也許是這個世紀的藝術之新契機。
Art is an interaction between human spirits and living environments. Also, it is a performance of artists shirring their experience of the beauty by their works. According to my experience of the painting creation for years and the exploration of arts, I think paintings should be combined with the new media technology and complex drawing materials to present feelings of artists by their painting works. In addition, functional art let artists to bring traditional paintings of a plane geometry in painting subjects of three dimensional spaces to become functional creations. Depending on integrations of installation art and interactive techniques, the aesthetics of painting could be introduced to a three dimensional spaces by functional art. The Jungle in the City, a final and completed painting in the creation research -The Dialogue between Flower Expression and Three Dimensional Space- is a work of mix media art. Art is unique because every work of the artist is not reproducible, and not the same with the photographs and flyers. It is the intellectual property of human beings, also is the bridge connecting inside sprits and outside visions of people. Based on the theory of painting geometry in the Renaissance and emblems symbolizing time and spaces, my painting works presented the creatively visualized imagination with photographic techniques of ultra realism. There are colors of flowers, the body of woman and worlds of dreams in these painting works for expressing the deeply feelings of human beings with Symbolism. I think this expression forms of paintings will be the new turning point in this century.
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