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Title: 物象與意象對話-台灣東北角海域自然風貌水墨創作之探索
Creation of Abstract Images from Natural Appearance-An Exploration of Hsieh Ming-mey’s Ink Paintings of Coastal Scenes in Northeastern Taiwan
Authors: 王友俊
Hsieh Ming-mey
Keywords: 物象
material appearance
abstract appearance
nature appearance
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 生於斯、長於斯,對自己周圍的山海景色,有一種極為深厚的情感。本研究以「物象與意象對話-台灣東北角海域自然風貌水墨創作之探索」為題,研究範圍主要以在南雅與龍洞一帶的實地觀察與寫生活動之後,所進行之相關創作;由客觀岩石、海浪寫生轉變為主觀意識呈現,從物象轉換為意象,甚至心象之目標。從自然人文等各方面作綜合性創作研究,以表現台灣山水精神,呈現另一種藝術風貌。 第一章:緒論。本章包括研究動機、目的,內容、方法、範圍與限制等。第二章:從物象關照到意象表現的水墨創作意涵,研究物象與意象的關係;以水墨寫生為基礎,詮釋物象與意象;海景名家作品分析。第三章:台灣東北角海域自然景觀特質影響。人文特質啟發、東北角海域的美感轉換。第四章:台灣東北角海域自然風貌創作理念與實踐。寫生造境的理念,寫生經營與創作發想,創作實踐。第五章:作品解析。整體作品概覽、作品分析說明。第六章:結論。創作省思及未來展望。 本創作研究之特色與貢獻在於綜合多年所學,我從觀察自然、啟發於自然出發,就形式、結構、色彩表現及特殊視角的觀察開始,再從筆墨技術與材料的多元變化應用,並紀錄每一探索過程、參以意識、感情,以手寫心、心手呼應來展現出揮灑的節奏。整體表現出形體氣勢的開合,透過物象、意象相互對話呈現出特殊效果與嶄新面貌,呈現外師造化、中得心源之概念。最後於本次創作研究心路歷程中,在美學思維上遇到的困難及領悟出的道理,提出具體省思作為日後創作努力的基礎。
Born and growing up in this island, I have a very deep affection toward the scenery with mountains and sea around me. This research topic is, therefore, “A Dialogue between material appearance and abstract appearance -- Self explanation for my Chinese paintings of the natural scenery of northeast coast area of Taiwan The most important limits of this research are based on observation on the spot,.sketch from nature around Nan-Yea and Long-Tong area." These paintings were created through objective rocks, sea waves to subjective sense creation;from physical presentation to abstract representation, even up to a creative presentation of mind. Through natural and human approaches,these works display the spiritual scenery of Taiwan in a specifically artistic style and features。 Chapter 1 Introduction: exhibit the motive, purpose, content, method, scope and its limits.。 Chapter 2: Illustrate Chinese ink painting by demonstrating the relationship between the material appearance and abstract appearance, Based on ink-painting from nature to Explain the difference between material appearance and abstract appearance ,and to analyze master pieces of some famous sea scenery artists。 Chapter 3: Discuss the mutual relationships of the landscape, humanitarian concern and inspiration,and the beauty transferring of beauty。 Chapter 4: Display the ideal of creation in these paintings and its realization:Different stages, such as sketch and structure arrangement, sketch management and creation realization are displayed。 Chapter 5: Works analyzing whole works overview, works analyze and explaining。 Chapter 6: Conclusion; Creative reflection and future prospect 。 The characteristic quality and contribution of this creative research are based on all I have learned for years。to observe nature and be inspired by nature. Nature observation is based on style, structure, color display and special insight. These paintings are records of explorations. They mix with journey of consciousness, affection, and presentation of mind by hand. They display a fluent rhythm, the opening and closing of formation and momentum. Through interactive dialogue between material appearance and abstract appearance these paintings reveal a brand new appearance, which mimics the nature from outside and obtains a central idea from inside. Through this creative adventure and aesthetic thinking both technical and aesthetic bases for further creation are solid。
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