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Title: 心牆的建構與突破─陳麗美的心靈意象彩墨創作
Construct and Breakthrough of Heart Barriers-Color Ink Creations on Spiritual Perceptions of
Authors: 莊連東
Chen, Li Mei
Keywords: 心牆
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 《心牆的建構與突破》創作系列,是作者從日常生活所接觸的社會、學校、科技等領域,觀察出諸多現象,由街頭藝人當媒介,來呈現個人創作的理念與想法,將人與實體牆結合,牆象徵禁錮肉體與靈魂的監牢,闡述一般人對來自外界的壓力,他所表現的心理反應;從實體牆進入到人牆,形塑無形的心牆,鱷魚人代表武裝的強者,他們是掌握權勢的一方,卻欺凌弱勢族群,象徵劣勢的侏儒,卻奮力想擺脫這個夢饜,另外一個系列是科技網路的產生改變人的生活形態,手機成為一般人不可缺少的工具,但是當人們都沉醉在網路世界,形塑一道無形的心牆,人們的冷漠與疏離,帶來許多的社會問題。 創作是從實體牆到無形心牆的組構,「心牆」是整體論述探討的軸心,由三個繪畫系列呈現出來:「痛苦‧掙扎」- 擺脫囚牢的心牆、「夢饜‧脫逃」- 移除威權的心牆、「沉浸‧疏離」- 建立無形的心牆等,藉此探索人們面臨社會的壓力所作的反應,及處在資訊科技文明中,通訊的便捷應該讓人零距離,卻產生疏離的現象;希望透過掙脫的意念,效法莊周夢蝶的瀟灑,拋棄名韁利鎖擺脫桎梏,才能悠遊於美麗新世界,鼓勵陷入痛苦深淵的人們,脫離苦海重獲新生,並以孟子的「惻隱之心」,在冷酷的科技中,軟化疏離的高牆,重獲人性的尊嚴,使得人文與科技相依相容。
For the creation series of “Construct And Breakthrough of Heart Barriers”, they are psychological reactions presented by the ordinary people when they confront pressures from the outside world through the observations of the creator, by which the numerous phenomena taken place in the fields such as the society as a whole, the schools, and technologies where the creator makes contacts in the everyday living, with the street artists as the medium, to present one’s personal visions and thoughts on creations, using a combination between characters and actual wall, in which the wall symbolizes the prison where the body and soul are in captivity; entering into the wall of people from the actual wall, there is an unseen heart barrier created, in which crocodile-like persons present the strong men with weapons, as people who hold power and are with influences, and at the same time, to degrade people who are weaker, while the dwarfs symbolize people who are in disadvantage, but try hard to break away the nightmare, in which they are living. Another series is related to the creation of technology internet, which makes change of people’s lives, and the cellular phone becomes indispensable tool for the ordinary people, however, as people are immersed in the world of internet, there is an unseen heart barrier created where people are becoming distant and indifferent, to bring a lot of social problems. The creations are built from the actual wall to the unseen heart barriers, which the “heart barrier” is the axis to be investigated in the whole paper, presented by three painting series: “Pain-Struggle”- To get rid of the heart barriers of imprisonment, “Nightmare-Escape”-To remove the heart barriers of authority, and “Immersion-Indifference”-To build up the unseen heart barriers, by which to make investigations on the reactions of people when they confront with the pressures from the society, as well as being in the cultures of information technologies, with the easy access of telecommunications, it is supposedly to bring people together without any distance at all, but instead, there is occurrence of indifference; in the hope through the ideas of breaking free, to make imitation of freethinking as “ The Butterfly Dream of Chuang Chou”, to get rid of the shackles of fame and power, to escape from imprisonment, and to then be able to wander freely in a beautiful new world, also, at the same time, to encourage people who are in trap of the painful abyss for taking chances to gain their freedom and new births, moreover, with the idea of “being compassionate toward others” from Mengzi, allowing mutual dependence as well as complement between culture and technology, to soften out the high wall of indifference in the cold-hearted technology, and once again to bring back the dignity of humanity.
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