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Title: 漢字字母-漢字字形模組化之探討與設計
A New Exploration and Design of typeface on the Modularization of Chinese Character as Alphabets
Authors: 林俊良
Keywords: 漢字
Chinese Character
Chinese Character Alphabets
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 漢字發展至今,也在時代變遷中不斷尋找新的演譯方式。故本研究透過綜合相關文獻資料,以及對中、西方文字字形設計案例進行探討,從中找尋出為漢字帶來不同新意的方向。 首先,跳脫傳統的文字筆劃分類及書寫習慣方式,結合數位時代之新的觀念,針對漢字的結構進行分析,找出以節點做為對文字結構新的定義及描述的方式。並進一步歸納出節點之三種類形-端點、轉點、交點,以及兩種端點、三種轉點、十五種交點總共二十種的節點形式。這二十種節點形式也就是本研究提出的二十個“漢字字母”,也就是模組化漢字的基礎。透過這二十個“漢字字母”即可組合出所有的漢字。 接著針對這二十個“漢字字母”分別以呼應節點概念的“點”以及接近節點形式的“線”這兩個方向進行造型上的設計,再由二十個“漢字字母”組合出漢字的部首表,最後,選用「千字文」作為漢字字形模組化設計後的創作作品呈現,完成模組化的漢字字形設計 。
Standing the test of time, Chinese characters continue to evolve, so is the interpretation of its alphabetical system. By exploring archives of Chinese characters and looking into letters of western languages, this research aims to present a new perspective of Chinese character structure built upon‘points. ’ Breaking up the tradition of stroke and compound of small Chinese characters, the new notion asserted in this thesis is that Chinese character structure is formed by 20 point-based modular elements. Points come in three types which are ‘starting/end points,’ ‘turning points’ and ‘jointing points.’ Each of them has their variants: two end points, three turning points and 15 jointing points. With these 20 point-based modular elements, you’ll be able to constitute all Chinese characters ever invented. These 20 point-based modular elements initiate this Chinese Character Alphabets of the new typeface design. Inspired by the revolutionary discovery, the study is taken into a higher level by typeface design driven by ‘points’ and incorporated with ‘lines.’ Then, use them to encode current small Chinese characters (Chinese letters) and further to compose the verse of ‘Thousand Character Classic’ as the complete visualization.
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