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Title: 情色圖像的設計創作表現
Creative Design Representation of Erotic Images
Authors: 林磐聳
Keywords: 台灣社會

Taiwanese Society
Creative Design
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本創作研究主要探討2000年代台灣社會奔放的情色現象,與兩性開放的性關係,藉由平面設計作品提供省思及進一步創作的動力。這些五花八門的社會活動,一方面活絡了參與者及旁觀者的思想和生活變化,另方面卻也反映本土情色文化的多元化、複雜化。筆者創作研究範圍設定在(一)平面設計之元素裡加重對現今社會「性」的現象探討。(二)對於「兩性」以符號化的形式深入探討。(三)以仿版畫的技巧,結合平面結構表現不同情境的創作。 文中先論述情色圖像的發展,分析情色圖像與社會關係,將春宮畫的特色作比較,並將情色圖像之符號化、東西方異國古典情色作個案研究等。設計創作則選擇了十八個具代表性的情色現象之類型,說明其產生的文化背景。在資料蒐集中,發現部份情色現象由來已久,其中與現代社會價值觀、女權意識抬頭、速食性愛觀有關,更有部份與電腦資訊發達有所關聯。而在表現形式上作了概念發展分析,並提出近似風格的圖像創作和相近題材創作的個案。 衡酌過去有關情色研究發表,大抵都屬春宮畫之考古探討,而本主題創作手法係打破過去既成物的鋪陳型態,而以符號性結合了虛實圖像兩者,貫穿了整體創作的內涵,忠實地反映台灣多樣化的社會現象。本研究最後整理如下:(一)引發情色創作的討論議題。(二)拋磚引玉拓展創作題材。(三)盡設計者的社會責任。(四)接受創作的批判。
This research aims to explore the erotic phenomenon prevalent in 21st Century Taiwanese society and its relationship to the liberation of sex through graphic design works to bring forward issues for reflection, as well as stimulate further creative activities. A series of social activities, on one hand, enliven the ways of thinking and living of the participants and observers and, on the other, reflect the diversity and complexity of the erotic culture in Taiwan. The researcher of this study sets the scope of research on: 1. Exploring the phenomenon of emphasizing “sex” in graphic design elements; 2. Exploring “genders” as represented in icons; 3. Creating a series of artworks through an integration of faux-print techniques and plane structure presentation. The thesis will begin with a discussion on the development of erotic graphics and analysis on the relationship between erotic graphics and society, as well as compare the characteristics of pornographic paintings and discuss iconized erotic graphics and erotica cases in oriental and western societies. The creative design proposed in this study will be based on 18 erotic stereotypes to illustrate the cultural background of these representative icons. In the process of searching information, we found that part of the erotic phenomena has had a long history, and some of it is related to the values formed in modern society, the rising of feminine power, fast-food sex, and, in some cases, the development of information technology. We will also conduct an analysis on the concept development of the representation styles of some cases and propose graphic creations that carry similar styles and topics. The past studies on erotic arts were mostly focused on exploration of antique pornographic paintings. The creative work proposed in this study goes beyond the past realistic presentation to connect icons with realism images, which form the central concept of this proposed creative work and faithfully reflect the diversified social phenomena of Taiwan. Finally, this study is summarized into the following topics: 1. Initiating a discussion on the issues of erotic creations; 2. Initiating expansion of the creative subjects; 3. Serving the social duty as a designer; 4. Accepting creative critiques.
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