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Title: 國立國父紀念館社教功能及營運成效之研究
Studying the Social Educational Functions and Operational Efficiency of National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Authors: 張瑞濱博士
Keywords: 社會教育機構
Social Educational Institution
Cultural Tourism
Educational Function
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 因歷史因素使然,國父紀念館擁有相關中山先生的文物及文獻較缺乏,除展示的內容外,宏偉的建築、景觀的設計等,整體氛圍都呼應了紀念一代偉人的訴求。但隨著時空的轉換,國父紀念館已重新的定位,迄今發展成為一個多元、豐富的社會教育機構。 國父紀念館運用既有的資源,不斷地改善各項軟硬體的設施,提供民眾休憩、活動、學習、交流之平台,得到各界的肯定。館方每年精心規劃數百檔的展演活動,其中不乏國際級的美術展覽、戲劇或舞蹈表演活動,對民眾的美育文化發揮了潛移默化的作用。 針對近年「文化觀光」的趨勢,國父紀念館作出各種因應措施,提供貼心的服務,景觀、參訪、演出加上可觀的藝文展覽,相信能提供遊客一趟豐富而難忘的旅程,國父紀念館期許能成為臺灣最亮麗櫥窗。 筆者服務於國立國父紀念館長達20餘年,欣見國父紀念館一路走來不斷地蛻變、成長,適逢此論文的書寫,再次作一回顧,參照各種資料、文獻、統計、圖表、網路資料等,企圖整理出國父紀念館過去、現況的面貌,記錄國父紀念館當前規劃為民服務的精神與內涵,及其對所扮演的角色與社教功能的發揮。
The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taiwan does not have too many document and literature of Sun Yat-sen because of the historical factors. In addition to the public exhibition, the grand architecture and landscape design are authentically coordinated with commemorating this great people. Under the political, economic and social metamorphosis in past decades, the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall has transformed into a social educational institution with multiple functions. To provide a popular forum with multiple functions such as entertainments, events, study and social life, the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall continually improves its hardware and software facilities by employing every available resource. This policy is very popular and has won highly approval ratings among people. This Hall schedules hundreds of events with high quality in every year, such as art exhibitions, drama, dancing performance and so on. These art events tremendously prompt the development of popular recreation and culture. Under the development of “Cultural Tourism” in recent years, the Hall provides a wonderful and impressive trip to tourists with. a set of thoughtful and comprehensive public services and attractive events, and the purpose is to reach the most beautiful spot in Taiwan. I have served at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall over past twenty years, and I have witnessed the continual development and progress of this Hall. This thesis will reviews the historical documents first, and I will arrange the related information, literatures, statistical numbers, graphs, and internet information of the Hall in order to organize and compare the difference between current and past development, to show the major principles and plans of currently public service, and how the Hall completely plays the role of social educational functions.
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