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Title: 建構「海洋城市」之視覺藝術教學設計研究--以基隆市某國中為例
A Research on the Instructional Design of Visual Artistic Education for the Construction "The Marine City"- Take Certain Junior High School in Keelung City As an Example
Authors: 林仁傑
lin shing jung
Keywords: 社區取向
Marine Education
Visual Art Education
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究主要在結合「海洋城市」之社區文化特色,透過藝術的學習,發展出一套利用以「海洋教育」為主軸的視覺藝術教育教學設計。並探討進行社區文化取向之藝術教育,對學生在學習在地文化認知時有何助益並檢討修正教學活動設計,以做為本市視覺藝術教學實施之參考。 本研究針對文獻的分析、社區文化資源的搜集、教學活動設計、實際教學實施、學習單分析、及不斷的修正與反思結果,綜合歸納結論如下:一、社區取向藝術教育是以多元的角度觀察體驗並尊重區域性之藝術文化與生活脈動,透過教育讓學生了解多元文化的不同內涵,認同自我文化、尊重他人與關懷社會。二、國中階段「海洋教育」應放在瞭解文化意涵與興趣的養成,讓學生多接觸與感受海洋文化對生活環境的影響。教學設計重點:(一)以在地文化為主題;(二)釐清教學設計之範圍與定義;(三)讓學生透過多種學習方式探索;(四)檢核教學成效;(五)修正並改善教學內容。四、社區取向教學有助於對社區文化的認識。參觀組班級向心力變強,對於環保意識較重視;網路視訊組個人觀察能力變強,較具宏觀的視野。 綜合研究結論,並提出未來研究建議:一、加強後續海洋教育教學研究發展;二、教學設計可與各領域教學者共同研議;三、強化教學資源的統合與整理。
This research primarily focused on combining the community cultural special features of "the marine city", through the learning of art, the visual art education that develops an arbitrage of "the marine education" for the principal axis of a teaching design. Also the research looked at the art education in relation to the community cultural mindset, with the student learning at the local culture cognition level and helps examine corrections in teaching activities designed to be used as the reference of this city’s teaching implementation of the visual art. This research collected to the analyze: the community resources of cultural heritage, the teaching activity designs, the actual teaching carried out, learning list analysis, and continuous correction with introspect a result. A comprehensive conclusion is as follows: 1. the art education of the community mindset observes experience by diversity to also respect art culture and the life pulsation of the local area, letting students understand a multicultural content through education, culture, learning respect for others, and being concerned with society; 2. "marine education" at the junior high school level should put understanding the culture as important and as an interest to develop. the student needs to get in touch with the marine culture's influence on his/her environment; and 3. The community-oriented teaching contributes to the cultural understanding to the community. The visitor class centrifugal force became stronger, emphasize on the sense of the environmental protection. The personal observation ability of Internet and video set became stronger, and had broaden prospection. The research conclusion will put forward a suggestion in the future with two main points: 1. Strengthening the instructional research development on the following oceanic education. 2. A teaching design with a common deliberation to all similar learning level; and 3. Enhanced integration of the teaching resources.
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