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Title: 金銀紙文化藝術與產業教學成效之研究-以竹南某國中為例
A study of the effects on culture art and industry of ritual bill-Take Certain Junior High School in Chunan as an example
Authors: 林仁傑
Keywords: 金銀紙
ritual bill
culture art
visual art education
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討以金銀紙產業結合文化藝術,融入國中視覺藝術教育活動之 教學研究,目的為:(一)探討竹南中港文化的發展及在地學子所了解的情況,並應用其特色作為教學資源,提升學習者對人文藝術的關懷。(二)以中港文化特色的金銀紙產業與藝術作結合,培養學習者對藝術就在日常生活中的觀念。(三)探討以藝術文化與產業融入學校藝術教育,建構地方文化特色的教學活動,並提出教學研究結果與建議,作為國中藝術教育活動之參考。 經由文獻分析、調查研究、行動研究等方法進行本文之探討,根據結果分析, 所得結論歸納如下: 一、經由文獻可了解竹南中港地區金銀紙文化的發展,因不夠蓬勃亦沒有人為的整合宣揚,導致學生對文化認知的不足。 二、運用金銀紙文化的視覺要素,並結合藝術創作媒材的「版畫」,融入視覺藝術教育活動中。 三、透過以金銀紙產業為主題的藝術活動有助於了解在地文化並認同其價值。 最後,根據本研究結果,提出本研究對未來在藝術教育發展的建議。
The goal of this thesis is to investigate the combination the industry of ritual bill with culture art and implement the program on activity of visual art education in junior highschool. The purposes of this study can be classified into three parts: (1) We study the evolution of Chung-Kung culture and the content that local people have already known of. We would like to promote the situation that people could take humanism culture into concern by applying the characteristics of Chung-Kung culture as resources. (2) We will combine the art and characteristics of ritual bill industry to make people feel that art always exists in our daily life. (3) We will discuss the suitability of incorporating the culture perception into art education and constructing a teaching activity based on local culture. Then we will present our results and make some suggestions, which can be a reference for teaching activity of art in junior high school period. According to study of history, literature review, inquiry, and action research methods, we obtain the following conclusions: (1) According to the literatures, the development of culture of ritual bill at Chung-Kang area is not prosperous and lack of advocacy; therefore, it causes that students do not have a good understanding about the culture of ritual bill. (2) We incorporate engraving and culture of ritual bill to the art teaching activities. (3) The purpose of this activity is to lead the students to recognize their local cultures and comprehend the significance of existence of local cultures. Finally, we will make a suggestion about development of art education in the future based on our studies.
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