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Title: 臺灣社會圖像與人文心象
Taiwan Pictorial and Literate Image
Authors: 蘇憲法
Hsien-Fa Su
Mei-Hua Chi
Keywords: 社會圖像
pictorial image
literate image
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本創作論文『臺灣社會圖像與人文心象』,為探討臺灣社會人民的生活現狀及思想現况,因社會現狀是具體可見的,故稱為『社會圖像』,在創作上採取具象表現技法;人民思想則較不具體,但需用感覺的,故稱為『人文心象』,在創作上採取象徵表現技法。 人類生活累積形成文化,文化經由語言或文字,一代代的繁衍下來,由於人類的遷移,不同種族間的不同文化相互衝擊、相互融合,產生新的文化。臺灣是南島文化的發源地,曾受荷蘭、明鄭、滿清、日本、國民黨政府的統治。文化上融合了明鄭、滿清文化,故臺灣文化雖源自漢文化,但歷經數百年不同種族的文化衝擊,已融合成臺灣特有的多元文化。 臺灣在資本主義政策下,環境遭受嚴重破壞,社會上階級對立,人民對未來缺乏信心。筆者以人道觀點來呈現臺灣的過去印記。用寫實技法描述現在,用樂觀態度以象徵技法呈現臺灣多元社會,這個社會是快樂温馨且充滿希望。 第一章:論述臺灣社會狀況形成的原因,與藝術工作者的社會責任。第二章:對社會的關懷以臺灣社會圖像與人文心象為主題的心路歷程。第三章:『臺灣社會圖像』系列與『人文心象』系列所採用的創作形式,創作技法與媒材介紹。第四章:作品創作的心路歷程,表現形式,及其主要內涵和創作理念。第五章:回顧三十餘年的創作心路歷程,確立以社會關懷為創作主題。同時以詼諧的態度,廣濶的胸襟,多元媒材和技法來呈現臺灣社會及對國家的關懷。
The thesis on the subject of “ The visual image of Taiwan society and the mental representation of the people of Taiwan” is to examine the living circumstances and the mentality of the contemporary Taiwan. As the state of the society is visible and concrete, the author adopts the concrete expressional approach in her artwork. On the other hand, as the mentality of people is hard to present through concrete images, it should convey through feelings and emotions, hence the author uses the symbolic expressional approach. The accumulation of human living creates culture. Through language and literature, the culture survives generation after generation. Due to human migration, the cultures of different human races encountered, confronted, and further integrated to create new culture forms. Taiwan is the origin of Austronesian Culture, and it has been through the reign of the Dutch colonialists, the Ming (Chinese Zheng Clan) Dynasty, the Ching Dynasty, the Japan occupation and the Kuomintang government. Taiwan has incorporated the cultures of the Ming (Chinese Zheng Clan) and the Ching dynasty. Nevertheless, though the Taiwanese culture was originated from the Han Culture, Taiwan has developed a diverse culture of its own after hundreds of years of hybridization of different cultures. Under the capitalist policies, the natural environment in Taiwan has been severely damaged, and there are constant conflicts between different social classes; the people of Taiwan feel less hopeful toward the future. The author presents the footprint of Taiwan’s past from a humanitarian perspective. She demonstrates the contemporary world by realistic painting, and with optimism, she portraits the multicultural Taiwan society through symbolic approach. It is a happy, hospitable and hopeful society in her paintings. The first chapter of this paper researches on the causes of the current state of Taiwan and the social responsibility of an artist. The second chapter introduces the thinking process of defining the thesis subject as a way to show concerns for the society. The third chapter explains the media, form and method of the artworks. The fourth chapter examines the intellectual process of creating, the form of expression and the concept and major significance of the artworks. The fifth chapter reviews the development of her thinking and mindset throughout the past 30-year practice as an artist, and reaffirms the focus and theme of her artistic creation in showing caring for the society. In the meantime, she depicts the Taiwanese society and demonstrates love for the country through various methods and materials, and ultimately with a humorous attitude and an open mind.
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