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Title: 藝術家的自我行銷研究--以陳逸飛為例
The Fine Artist's Self-Marketing---A Case of Chen Yi-Fei
Authors: 袁金塔
Jin Ta Yuan
Mei Fang Wen
Keywords: 個人品牌
Individual Brand
Artist Self-Marketing
Art Business
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 摘 要 要成為藝術家,這在以往的觀念裡應該是一種「超現實」的行業。也因此;在現實生活中,似乎有很多藝術家的養成,不幸因而中輟,令人遺憾。這最大的原因就是當藝術的創作,在進行時,除了藝術家生活的所需外,即使在創作過程的各項支付上,也須要很實際的面對。也因此,若在藝術家的藝術活動上能摻有企業的行銷策略,來建立藝術個人品牌,這樣不但能讓大眾生活藝術化,提高生活品質,更能藝術家,能在生活無慮下,盡情發揮。這樣的藝術生命力才能強勁久遠,有意義。 本研究即以 陳逸飛先生為一位著名而成功善於自我行銷的藝術家者為例,探討成功藝術企業家如何在適當時間點上與空間位置中,將自己藝術理念作精確定位,才得以發揮最大效益,給藝術和商業確立了一條「完美融合」的模式。 陳逸飛先生成功的例子,可探究一個藝術家能以自身的有限條件,發展出屬於其個人品牌的無限商業藝術,並將自我行銷理念發揚淋漓盡致。以創意為行銷策略法則,使得藝術商品化,並創立了「逸飛」集團,展現對自我行銷的渴望與追求,更展現一個藝術家的企圖心與強烈的社會責任感。 具體而言,本研究對陳逸飛先生成功結論有下列三點: (一)有效掌握自身的藝術本錢,而且運用了差異化優勢策略。 (二)有效掌握時代潮流與市場的需求,而能運用認同策略、需求策略、關係人策略、舞台策略…等。 (三)有效掌握一個藝術家自我行銷本質,且能運用現代化工具策略、名人效應策略、社會人策略…等。 陳逸飛的整套藝術家自我行銷過程,是將藝術帶入了大眾生活,而激情奮進的展現出一個藝術商業的熱忱與過程。他滿足了一個藝術家對美要求,也滿足了一個藝術家對財富的追求。他變成了這個時代藝術家的典範楷模,並掀起廣大群眾對美好事物的激情、也憑藉著個人的力量,讓藝術產業化又開出了一條活生生的路徑,且勾劃出未來建立「藝術矽谷」藍圖。他個人已非是一個藝術家、企業家、行動活動家…等所能形容,事實上他確能展現一個藝術家,能擁有與時代並進的「英雄」特質及「超人」的風範了。陳逸飛先生成功的例子,值得我們的敬佩,與參與學習。
Abstract: Must become artist this line of business, in the former idea should be one kind “Devotee” profession, but in the real life, as if majority people didn’t dare to the “Artist” profession, the reason that an artist most basic is facing many “Survival” the question, because also in the middle of this has too many “Contradictions”. “Economy” and “Artist” between if can a closer union, whether the artist can survive in the nowadays practical life? As the enterprise body management profession has the condition which survives in the society. This research that one is good at the self-marketing take Chen Yi-Fei as an example. How discusses with fine artist to light, in the fit space position, own art idea in the suitable time makes the pinpointing, only then can develop the biggest benefit .Have left behind business and art will a “very perfect” fuse in together life way. “Chen Yi-Fei Phenomenon” may inquire into an artist can develop by own limited condition belongs to its individual brand of infinite commercial art, and carries forward incisively the self-marketing idea. Chen Yi-Fei make art business dealing and the creativity self-marketing for its goal and the strategy principle, own management and design and establishment “Yi-Fei” group, to show the self-marketing hope and the pursue, unfolds an artist's business ambition and the intense social sense of responsibility. Generally specifically, this research Chen Yi-Fei succeeds the conclusion to have the following three essentials:. (1)Grasps the artist own superiority condition effectively.Manipulation variation superiority strategy. (2)Effective grasping trend of the times and market demand.Manipulation approval、demand strategy、sponsor strategy、platform strategy. (3)Effectively grasps an artist self-marketing essence. Manipulation modernized tool、celebrity effect strategy、social person strategy. Chen Yi-Fei's entire wrap artist self-marketing process, enables him to become widely known, nobody did not know and is known to everybody the flagship artist, his value has led art into general common populace, his fervor advanced boldly a development art business zealously with the process, he satisfied an artist also to satisfy an artist to the beautiful request for the wealth pursuance; He became the artist's paragon and raised the general populations to the happy thing fervor, and also relying on individual strength, let the artistic industry start out a living way, he is neither non-artist not entrepreneur, motion activist …and so on can describe that, In fact he attempts to unfold an artist “Hero” special characteristic and “Superhuman” the style.
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