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Title: 以STEAM為本 建構海洋教育新興議題融入視覺藝術之課程模式
Constructing A STEAM-Baesd Curriculum Model of Infusing Marine Education Current Issues with Visual Arts
Authors: 陳瓊花
Chen, Jo Chiung Hua
Li, Tan-Ying
Keywords: 新興議題
Current Issues
Marine Education
Core Literacy
Curriculum Model
Visual Arts
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 由於當代跨學科課程、新興議題融入課程的實施,都有待更多實徵的研究,本研究試著探討海洋教育新興議題融入視覺藝術課程模式,採用行動研究法,施教對象為本校九年級三個班級的學生,每班約二十位同學,男女合班。研究發現一、海洋議題可以豐富視覺藝術課程的內涵。二、STEAM跨領域課程的設計與實施應以作品為前導。三、STEAM有別於傳統教學的優勢。四、資訊工具係STEAM統整工具的利器。五、STEAM在藝術課程的運用上可以超越只有學科內容的限制,進而到藝術在情感、方法上的運用,成為新興議題融入視覺藝術教育的課程模式,同時也對未來的相關研究就課程設計者、教學者、研究者提出其他面向的建議。
Due to carry out contemporary transdisciplinary and new issues blend into curriculums, it needs more actually research.The study attentions to discuss new issues about marine education combines with visual art curriculums, takes action research. Main objects of study are three classes of junior high school students (9th Grade), and each of class are twenty members with boys and girls. According to research findings: 一、 Marine issues can enrich visual art curriculum’s intension. 二、 Workings should be as a guide based on trans-discipline curriculums design and carry out of STEAM. 三、 STEAM is superiority to traditional teaching. 四、 Information Engineering should be uses an integration tool of STEAM. 五、 Use STEAM on art curriculums can surpass courses contents limited, even on emotions and ways to art, and become a model of new issues combine with visual art education curriculums. Finally, I want to propose else to curriculum designers、teachers, and research workers to those who will do related study in the future.
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