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Title: 手的價值之回歸與探索
The Returning and Investigation of the Value of Hand
Authors: 蘇憲法
Su, Xian-Fa
Hou, Chung-Ying
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 筆者從小就熱愛「動手」創作,此外,家庭背景與生活經驗更加深了對「手」的情感。筆者認為藝術家是手藝人,善於用手創造各種「相」與世界互動、交流。藝術始於人的指尖,從原始洞穴壁畫,文藝復興巨匠的偉大作品,至當代藝術家多樣化的實踐中,手的藝術表現從未缺席,然而關於手的藝術表現的研究仍顯不足。 本文旨在全面性探索手的藝術性價值與思想脈絡,筆者以傅柯的《知識考掘學》作為一種思考,類似以手作為核心並向外抓取與手有關的重要學理的態勢,如從藝術史的手、解剖學與醫學的手、人類學與心理學的手、手藝人眼中的手,藉由交互參照的過程,分析並歸納手的共同與相異的多元藝術性。進一步研究超現實主義時期大量有關手的藝術表現形式作品,探索如何透過攝影、超現實主義、照相寫實主義以及當代藝術家多樣化的實踐,完整體現手的藝術價值。最後,以藝術史與筆者關於手的作品進行比較與分析,並探討在現代美學與當今數位科技的影響之下,藝術工作者如何創造手的藝術性新價值與應用的可能?以及如何把手的意象作為一個議題進行探索與創作? 筆者以手作為藝術主題探索逾十二年,過去把手作為客體觀察應用,近年深入研究後逐漸將手轉為主體創作,探討手的核心意象。因此本文除了深入研究目前學界所缺乏手做為藝術主題的應用討論外,更重要的目的在探索筆者自身藝術創作的意識根源、思想脈絡演進,並藉此研究精煉思想內涵,最後建立個人完整的藝術創作脈絡與體系。
I have been an ardent lover of hands-on works since I was a child. Besides, my family background and life experience deepens my feelings for the “hand”. I think that artists are craftsmen. They are good at using hands to create various appearances to interact with the world. Art begins with men’s fingertips. The artistic expression of hand is never absent, from primeval cave paintings to the great works of great Renaissance artists to contemporary artists’ various practices. However, there is still insufficient research about the artistic expression of the hand. The main aim of this thesis is to probe the artistic value and the ideological context of the hand. I take Michel Foucault’s The Archaeology of Knowledge as a way of thinking, it is similarly used with the hand as the core to grab the important theory related to the hand from the outside, such as the hand in art history, anatomy and medical science, anthropology and psychology, and the hand in the eyes of great artists. I also analyze and induce the similarities and differences of the multivariate artistry of the hand through the process of reciprocal reference. I take it a step further by researching the large amount of artistic expression works of the hand during the Surrealist period. I do research on how the artistic value of the hand is embodied completely through photography, Surrealism, Photorealism and contemporary artists’ varied practices. Finally, comparing and analyzing art history to my hand-related works, and probing how new artistic values of the hand and the possibility of application under the influence of contemporary aesthetics and the current digital technology could be created and the imagery of the hand could be probed and created as an issue. I have probed the hand as an artistic theme for more than twelve years. In the past, I observed and applied the hand as an object. After doing in-depth research in the past few years, I slowly began creating with the hand as the subject to probe the core imagery of the hand. Therefore, this thesis not only does in-depth research and discusses the application of the hand as the artistic theme, which the current academia lacks. A more important aim is to explore the origin of consciousness and the evolution of ideological context of my artistic creation, and also do research on the meaning of refined ideology, and finally, complete my complete artistic creation context and system.
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