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Title: 《歌百工》計畫:幻想世界下的寓言旅程
Project “Ode to Walks of Life”: A Journey of Fable in the Imaginary World
Authors: 陳淑華
Chen, Shu-Hua
Chang, Chih-Chung
human being
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本創作計畫源起於生活經驗與求學生涯中,傾向於關注不同價值、文化環境因素與族群的差異性與相互關係與衝突,其中包含對於跨文化現象的好奇與關注,以及回望到自身乃至於家國處境的曖昧不明的焦慮。 這些動機轉化為向外探索的動能,試圖透過觀察與想像人與其職業背後的文明意涵、以及捕捉和記錄人群的過程,以寓言的形式去深刻省視自身(人)與人、人與職業、人與社會的連結;並效法人類學的精神,致力於開拓更宏觀的視野、以及進一步肯定人的存在、對多元價值的尊重以及人皆生而平等的真諦。 最終回歸內心的好奇心與焦慮感,覺察這種向外探索的動能的普遍性,藉由文獻探討分析的過程,理解到人對於理想的追求以及對恐懼的逃避的生物與精神本能。坦然面對人類更深層的意識中發掘人類文明的永恆不變的動態平衡,並且找到更積極向上、自我提升與改善這個世界的正向生命哲學。
This art project came initially from the experiences in life and education, based on a strong intension to focus on relationships and conflicts of various values, cultural-environmental elements and communities, out of curiosity and concentration on the transcultural phenomena and anxiety on the ambiguity of self-positioning and nationality. These motives are transformed into the energy to explore outwards, by observing, imagining, capturing and eventually recording the civilizational meanings behind the human beings as well as their occupations through a fable-like form, and come to deep meditation on self-people, people-occupations and people-society connections, and at the end, inspired by the anthropological spirit, to achieve a greater perspective, a positive confirmation on human existence, a friendly respect on multiple values and most of all the essence of “all people are created equal.” Eventually, tracing back to the curiosity and anxiety within and realizing the universality of such status, with discussion and analysis on literatures, the pursuit of the ideal and the escape from the fear are revealed as nothing but biologically yet spiritually common instincts. By digging out human consciousness and facing the eternal dynamic balance of our civilization, there will come out with a positive philosophy of life: to strive, improve self, and to always get ready to make it a better world.
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