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Title: 城市景觀中的互動關係-許悅庭水墨創作論述
The interactive relationships in city landscape—Thesis on creation of colored ink painting—by Hsu Yueh Ting
Authors: 莊連東
Chuang, Lian-Tung
Hsu, Yueh-Ting
Keywords: 都市景觀
urban landscape
urban image
spatial perception
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本文從城市空間與個人生活、記憶的概念下出發,展開研究與進行創作,將城市意象融入創作中,試圖建構心中對城市生活的觀看方式,表現對於城市人文覺察的關懷,以城市為文本捕捉時間痕跡,接著展開新與舊、人與空間、以及對生命的體悟。創作方面以「穿透」、「區隔」、「並置」的模式組成畫面,將作品分為三個系列,一為城市的消逝,二是刻劃古建築與人的記憶,三則融入想像與重組城市景象,表現多重時空與不同事物在時間推動下的變化,相互滲透的過程。 論述上第一章敘述研究緣由及研究內容,第二章講述城市的形成與城市文化特質,以身體的空間知覺建構觀看與感知城市的方式,從個人出發,延伸到城市與人類文明的進程,並將時間納入敘述來探討城市變動性;第三章著重在時空變換,將變的觀點呈現於藝術的意象詮釋,探討古典水墨的空間意識到現代的現代水墨裡城市景象,其中注重在今昔的對比與映襯;第四章則是把城市變遷體現於景物中之意涵,作為創作發想,在水墨創作中運用拼貼、區隔等手法表現城市多元樣貌的融合;第五章建構創作架構和脈絡,分別敘述作品的理念和創作手法;第六章則將研究和創作過程做總結論述,檢討過程和未來期許,透過城市與地景與知覺過程的諸多論述,期望在創作上具.更多元的思考面向來表現變動性概念,並解決以往創作中遇到構圖形式上的困難和媒材使用,使作品呈現更加豐富。
This research starts from the concepts of urban space and personal life and memories, conducts research and creation, and integrates urban imagery into creation, attempts to construct a way of viewing urban life in the heart, expresses care for urban humanistic awareness, and captures cities as text Traces of time, then unfolding new and old, human and space. In the aspect of creation, the screen is composed of "penetration", "segmentation", and "juxtaposition". The work is divided into three series, one is the disappearance of the city, the other is the memory of ancient architecture and people, and the third is imagination and restructuring the urban scene, showing multiple time and space and the change of different things driven by time, the process of mutual penetration. This research is divided into four main chapters. Chapter 1 provides some background information about the beginning of the project. Chapter 2 discusses about the formation of cities and the characteristics of urban culture. Chapter 3 focuses on the transformation of time and space, presents the changing perspective in the interpretation of artistic images, explores the space of classical ink painting, realizes the modern urban scene in modern ink painting, and focuses on the contrast and contrast of the past and the present. The fourth chapter is to embody the meaning of the urban changes in the scenery. As a creative idea, the collage and segmentation are used to express the fusion of the multiple aspects of the city. Describe the concept and creative methods of the work separately; Chapter 6 summarizes the research and creative process, reviews the process and future expectations. Express the interaction between the self and the environment in creation through many expositions of cities and landscapes and perception processes.
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