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Title: 藝文基金會之藝術計畫和展覽分析— 以《新富町—庖廩之所》為例
Art Project and Exhibition Analysis of Arts and Culture Foundations – A Study of Xintomicho : A Spot of Culinary Creations
Authors: 陳永賢
Chen, Yung-Hsien
Peng, Ting-Hsuan
Keywords: 藝術參與
Engaged Art
Genius Loci
New Media Art
Xin Fu Market
Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract:   臺灣八〇年代末,市場經濟活絡,充沛的資金流動,間接帶動了藝術產業的發展。同一時間,政府及民間單位開始積極地開拓藝文場域及推廣美感教育,其中,有許多私人企業陸續成立藝文基金會,來展現對於藝術文化領域的最大支持。非營利性基金會長期地執行多元化的藝文活動,推廣大眾與藝術的對話,破除藝術擁有高牆的既有概念。   本研究的主軸聚焦於臺灣基金會之藝術行政與專案策劃,以忠泰建築文化藝術基金會及其藝術專案為例,特別著重於《新富町—庖廩之所》新媒體藝術創作計畫。研究方法採用文獻分析法、行動研究法、參與觀察法以及深度訪談法,蒐集資料和整理文獻,輔以個人參與展覽製作經驗。個案之研究分析包括:英國的泰納當代美術館、日本的瀨戶內海國際藝術祭、鳳甲美術館的北投藝群人等三個國內外案例,並探討私人藝文型基金會的組織營運與在地連結。之後深入分析《新富町—庖廩之所》的參與情境、藝術作品和展覽回饋,並探討展覽本質透過藝術交流喚起集體記憶和凝聚場所精神。   展覽所在的新富町文化市場是一處新與舊文化融合的場所,將當代藝術帶入傳統場域,以不同的語境和符碼與當地社群對話。研究成果總結私人基金會之優勢與目的,還有合作情境與教育推廣等實務分析,並探討參與性藝術計畫產生的對話關係。最後,研究者透過近身觀察和創作經驗,發現常民生活與藝術領域之間的距離,各族群對於展覽有不同程度的理解和期待,以及展覽實施後所產生的在地文化自覺與藝術反饋作用。
In the end of 1980s, Taiwan’s economy climbed to a peak. As the mobility of money flow increased, indirectly driving the development of art industry, government and civil organizations began to explore art field and promote art education vigorously. In particular, many enterprises established private foundations to show their greatest supports in the area of arts and culture. Non-profit organizations execute multiple actives and events in a long term, which effectively create dialogues between the general public and the arts, demolishing the idea of arts has an unreachable high wall. This study focus on Taiwan ‘s foundations’ art administration and project management by taking Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture and its past projects as examples, which mainly discuss a new media art project/exhibition called Xintomicho: A Spot of Culinary Creations. I use content analysis, action research, observational study, and interview for research methods, along with personal experience of participated in the art project. Case studies include Turner Contemporary in England, Setouchi Triennial in Japan, and Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition by Hong-gah Museum in Taiwan, exploring the operation system and local connections of private arts and culture foundations. Later, this thesis goes deep into analyzing artworks, engaged situation, and exhibition feedbacks of Xintomicho: A Spot of Culinary Creations. The essence of the exhibition is to provoke collective memories and to agglomerate Genius Loci through artistic communication. Xin Fu Market, where the exhibition held, is a place combine with new and old culture. It brings contemporary arts into conventional field and communicates with the locals with different context and signs. In conclusion, I sum up the advantages and objectives of art foundations, collaboration situation educational promotion between organizations and locals, and also the communication relationship forms by engaged art projects. I then include my personal experience of involving in the art making process. Through close observation and art making experience, I understand that different community has different attitude towards the exhibition. Last but not least, this thesis concludes the influences and effects cause by the exhibition, Xintomicho: A Spot of Culinary Creations.
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