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Title: 時空臥遊:洪小澎的水墨VR創作論述
Spiritual Journey of Time and Space: A Study of Siopang Hong’s VR Ink Art
Authors: 李君毅
Lee, Chun-Yi
Hong, Sio-Pang
Keywords: 臥遊
Visionary Journey
Virtual Reality
Digital Art
Ink Art
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 筆者本次嘗試融合山水畫與電腦技術,創作新媒體藝術作品。前半以理論為主,為第一至二章。第一章作為緒綸,先提出筆者分析水墨創作於當代跨領域趨勢中的情況,筆者的研究動機是基於當代現狀的,再對本次研究橫跨山水藝術與科技藝術兩個差異較大的領域,進行分析及說明。其於本次論文及創作中的研究範圍,其界定的原因是基於如何的研究限制,以及主要的術語釋義。創作理念先梳理筆者對線條繪畫乃至對山水畫空間構成的喜愛,再提出電腦技術結合山水的幾點特殊性,以釐清本系列作品於當代、於水墨、於科技藝術的意義。第二章說明本系列作品的學理依據,分別從山水之臥遊、園林之遊賞及科技藝術虛擬實境之沉浸,梳理三者各自的文化脈絡,並探究三者的共同臥遊意趣,再系統整理園林融合其餘二者時所出現的藝術性、當代性問題,是否仍能呈現臥遊的美學感受。 後半則偏重創作論述及結果分析。第三章說明創作方法,第四章則分組討論四個系列作品,從初期的平面繪畫,至發展三維山水的互動裝置系列,到後來的穿戴式VR系列,到最後回歸平面卻仍能進行虛擬實境臥遊的全景360系列。第五章則進行作品的分析說明與總結,對本系列作品的各個衝突性進行辯證。
The author attempts to integrate landscape painting and computer technology to create new media artwork. The first half is based on theory, which consists of the first and second chapter. The first chapter proposes the author's analysis of the situation of ink and wash creation in contemporary cross-disciplinary trends. The author's research motivation is based on the current status quo, and then there are significant differences between this study across landscape and art and science and technology. The field, analysis and description of its scope of research in this thesis and creation, the reason for its definition is based on how the research restrictions, as well as the main terms of interpretation. The idea of creation reveals the author's love for line drawings and even the space composition of landscape painting, and then proposes several special features of computer technology combined with landscapes to clarify the significance of this series of works regarding the contemporary time, ink painting, and science and technology arts. The second chapter explains the theoretical basis of this series of works, from the visionary journey, landscape tours, and the virtual reality of science and technology art, combing their respective cultural contexts and exploring the consensus of the three: In order to systematically sort out the artistic and contemporary issues that arise when gardens are blended with the rest of the two, it is still possible to present the aesthetic experience of lying. The latter half delves into the creation, exhibition and discussion as well as the analysis of the results. The third chapter explains the method of creation. The fourth and fifth chapters emphasize on the analysis of the work, introducing the author's writing methods and specifically analyzing the works based on content and unique technology.
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