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Title: 符號化太湖石-陳紀安當代水墨創作論述
Symbolized Taihu Stone:Study of Chi-An Chen’s Contemporary Ink Painting
Authors: 李君毅
Lee, Chun-Yi
Chen, Chi-An
Keywords: 符號學
Taihu stone
contemporary ink painting
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本論文是以筆者碩士學位期間的創作作為研究對象,藉此來體現筆者自身以及反映社會環境。本文是以太湖石符號為出發,在第二章的學理依據,先藉由園林美學,梳理山石的傳統指涉,再透過羅蘭.巴特(Roland Barthes,1915-1980)的符號學,闡述太湖石符號如何變成神話,進而使神話化太湖石的過程呈現。了解太湖石符號如何從眾多意指的情況,慢慢在意識形態的運作下,使其符號走向單一價值。之後再藉由後現代的拼貼方式,使太湖石符號在任意編排的情況下,脫離太湖石神話較封閉的意指,另一方面也能使符號隨筆者運用。第三章則透過同樣運用太湖石符號為創作相關的藝術家,互為參照,其中以藝術家展望、徐累以及陳建發,作為筆者創作脈絡的釐清和對照,進以檢視自身創作。第四章的創作內容與形式,則闡述筆者的創作思考,由太湖石之小觀宇宙之大,藉此延伸至過度人工化的世界,所造成的環境和社會問題,並進一步分析筆者系列創作之內容,由「動物園」、「再建的大地」、「再見的大地」三系列作品,呈現創作理念與表現方式。最後再分別敘述每件作品意涵,透過不同形式予以呈現,希望能提供觀者與自身反思的空間。至於第五章為最後結論的部分,筆者總結作品對當代社會環境的關注以及藝術的思考,企望未來能持續深化並且能提升個人的創作。
This thesis is based on the author's artistic creation during her master's degree, which reflects the author's concerns about herself as well as the social environment. The research focuses on the Taihu stone sign. In the theoretical basis of the second chapter, the author uses garden aesthetics to combine the traditional reference to the stone and through Roland Barthes' theory of semiotics to explains how the Taihu stone sign become a myth also presents the process of the mythologization of the Taihu stone. Under the operation of ideology, learning how the Taihu stone sign can change from a multi-meaning situation to a sign of one single value. Later, through the postmodern theory of juxtaposition, the Taihu stone sign can be separated from the Taihu stone mythology using arbitrary arrangement. On the other hand, the sign can be used freely by the author. The third chapter discusses the same use of the Taihu stone sign by artists like Zhan Wang, Xu Lei and Chen Jian-fa as comparisons for the author's creative context and clarification. The fourth chapter explains the author's creative thinking, from Taihu stone's smallness, which extends universe to the environment and social problems caused by the excessive humanization, and further analyzes the author's various series of creations. The "Zoo", "Rebuild the Earth", "Goodbye to the Earth" three series of works present the concept of creation and expression. Finally, the meaning of individual works is separately described and presented through different art forms, hoping to inspire viewers themselves to reflect on art. The conclusion of the fifth chapter, summarizes the author's attention to the contemporary social environment, and hope that in the future she can continue to deepen and enhance her individual creations.
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