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Title: 水墨人物畫紀錄性的創作探討-高井敬子繪畫創作論述-
Exploring Documental Painting Through Figure Painting of the Elderly in Taiwan by Keiko Takai
Authors: 林昌德
Lin, Chang-Te
Takai, Keiko
Keywords: 肖像畫
Documental Painting
Generation of Japanese colonial Past
Zen-Bhikkhu's Portrait
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 身為日本留學生在台灣居住已過了幾年了。在生活中賦予我最深刻的印象的是,與在戰前接受日本語教育且現在仍會流利地使用日文的日本語世代的相遇。近年台灣開始積極地保存日本時代的建築物及古蹟,同樣地,日本語世代的人們經歷過的困難時代也就是台灣歷史的一部分。本研究的目的是透過創造將他們現在的形象繪畫化,超越一個人的肖像畫以抽取這世代共同的精神性和時代性,並且嘗試以這樣的方式留下紀錄。同時,亦針對東洋繪畫中的肖像畫、人物畫之紀錄性與特質,還有其所伴隨的人物畫敘述性表現進行研討。與現今的攝影術不同,希望能夠考察以寫生為主的紀錄性繪畫之再現性與造形、精神性,以及其多樣的表現性。
It has been several years since I have studied in Taiwan. As a student from Japan, the most impressive things for me was that I have met the people, who were educated in Japanese during the Taiwan under Japanese rule period, are still able to speak Japanese fluently at present. In the past few years, the historical buildings of that time were being conserved in Taiwan. The purpose of this Thesis is to visualize those people’s present figure by painting. It will image their common spirituality and historical meaning. The research of portrait’s characteristics and narration in East Asian Paintings are also accompanied. Through the survey, the sketch portraits differ from photography, the reappearance, visual, spirituality and diversity are summarized.
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