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Title: 以「A/R/Tography」為本的性別意識教材研發
Developing Gender-Conscious Teaching Materials Based on A/R/Tography Theory
Authors: 陳瓊花
Chen, Chiung-Hua
Wu, Pei-Yi
Keywords: A/R/Tography
gender issue
gender consciousness
art education
teaching materials
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過「A/R/Tography」發展一個「性別意識」藝術教材。以性別議題與藝術教育內涵為養分,滋養藝術創作歷程及教材研發的行動,並轉化、融合成為「性別意識」的藝術教材。 本研究採用文獻分析法及「A/R/Tography」研究法,探究性別與藝術教育理論及內涵,從藝術角度探討性別意識相關論題,並分析研究者新、舊創作歷程,以研發性別議題融入藝術的單元課程。研究資料包括相關文獻、論文、研究者舊作與三位藝術家的具性別意識的作品;研究對象為研究者的新作品及創作歷程、草稿記錄、教材設計省思等。 藉由研究者(researcher)、藝術家(artist)及教師(teacher)三種角色特質,以質性研究的方式進行資料的整理、比對與分析。邀請五位專家進行審核以完善信效度,並針對專家意見與研究歷程進行調整與省思,瞭解性別創作與藝術教育之間的關係,達成「A/R/Tography」理論中三種身分特質的融合狀態,使研究成為一個具有價值性的行動反饋。 根據本研究課程實施的結果,歸納如下的結論: 一、「性別意識」的自我檢視,是藝術與性別教育內涵與課程發展的關鍵 綜觀性別議題、藝術教育理論和創作與教材研發歷程之施行,「性別意識」的藝術教育內涵不僅著重解構視覺圖像的性別思考方式、批判態度及自省能力,亦重視「性別意識」的構成與多元性別價值。創作與教材研發的作法,是透過「性別意識」的理解與自我審視,運用「A/R/Tography」三種角色的專業性與游離性隱喻,使得創作與教材研發的過程能有所依循,並達到相輔相成的狀態。 二、透過創作歷程發展「性別意識」擴展藝術教育課程發展的視野 創作歷程的實踐,激發了「性別意識」藝術教育理念的生成,同時亦引發其故事性及脈絡化的特質,並於規則中產生質變。本研究中,「性得藝彰」課程不僅扣緊十二年國教的核心素養與美術學習三大構面,更因性別議題與人類社會的不可分割性而擁有多元解讀特質,使課程意義帶有自由論述的色彩及包容異己的人文精神。 三、透過「A/R/Tography」的曖昧性實踐「性別意識」的創作與課程設計 研究者經由「A/R/Tography」角色的游離、檢視及思辨過程,跨足不同疆界產生碰撞與質變,使「性別意識」的創作與課程設計充滿多元可能性,並帶有曖昧性的後現代精神,呈現多種解讀面貌之潛力。其中,研究者成為一名「自覺者」與「開發者」,經由創作歷程、自我性別意識及經驗之省思,融入歷程之啟發與精華於議題與學科意義中,成為具有生命啟示的藝術學習。
The study is aim to develop a gender-conscious teaching material, which is based on A/R/Tography theory. The significance of gender issue and art education nourish art-making process and teaching materials, and convert them into a gender-conscious teaching material. This study adopts the document analysis and the A/R/Tography method, explores the meaning of gender issue, art education theories and gender-related theories to analyze the gender consciousness in author’s recent art-making history, and integrates gender issue into art education to create a curriculum. The study data are document, theses, author’s old works and gender-conscious artworks which made by three artists; the study objects are author’snew artworks and art-making process, sketches and the reflection of teaching material design. Through the traits of three roles: researcher, artist and teacher, the study objects are arranged, compared and analyzed in qualitative techniques; in addition, author invites five experts to examine the teaching materials and refine the reliability and validity. At the final step, teaching material and research process are adjusted and contemplated according to experts’ advices and author’s reflections; by realizing the relationship between gender-related artworks and art education, author makes three roles reach integration in A/R/Tograohy theory and become a valuable action. According to this study, the conclusions are drawn below: 1.The method of developing gender-conscious is the key of enhancing gender and art education, and teaching material development. Through overviewing gender issue, art education theory and the process of creating teaching materials, author finds that art education with gender-conscious are focus on deconstructing the gender thinking, critical thinking and self-reflection on visual image; in the meantime, the modeling and multiple values of gender consciousness are important on the study. The professionalism and the metaphor of nomadism on A/R/Tography,   2.Through art-making process to slef-examine gender conscious broden the deep meaning of art education The praxis of art-making stimulates the growth of gender-conscious art education, and evokes its narrative and contextualized traits, causing transformation in its rules. In this study, the curriculum “Gender and Art Shines Within” sticks to the point of core competencies and three art-learning dimensions in 12-year Basic Education, gender issue; because of gender issue, the curriculum possesses the features of multiple interpretations which are an indivisible part of human society, and brings the curriculum colors of free discussions and the tolerance of humanism. 3.The ambiguity of A/R/Tograpgy enrich the praxis of making gender-conscious artworks and art curriculum design The process that three roles wandering, investigating and speculating in A/R/Tograpgy, makes author cross different territories and cause collision and transformation on gender-conscious art-making and curriculum design which are full of various possibilities and ambiguity in postmodern spirit, and shows its potential on multiple interpretations. During the process, author plays the role of a self-conscious person and developer, also integrates the inspiration and essence of the process into the meaning of issue and subject after undergoing art-making process, self’s gender-conscious experiences and reflections, finally makes it a life inspired art education.
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