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Title: 藝術創作歷程創造力指標建構之研究-後設認知的觀點
Creativity Indicators of Art Creative Process Based on the Perspective of Meta-cognition Theory
Authors: 陳瓊花
Chen, Chiung-Hua
Tsai, Pei-Jung
Keywords: 藝術家
Creative process
Arts education
Creativity indicators
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在運用藝術創造歷程之後設認知觀點,藉以建構藝術創作歷程創造力指標。研究以臺灣當代藝術家為研究對象,進行半結構式深度訪談,採用混合法研究方式,將文獻、訪談內容、相關資料分析歸類、統整形成概念,探討其藝術創造歷程之後設認知運用情形,並以肯德爾和諧係數檢定指標重要性及專家意見一致性,確認41項藝術創作歷程創造力指標。期望供藝術教育界培育人才方向借鏡與研究。本研究結論如下: 一、「藝術創作歷程創造力指標」共包含41項指標,由個人7項、工作7項、策略8項、計畫7項、監控5項與檢核7項所組成。 二、藝術理論與創作兩組專家共同評定屬重要性指標者,共14項,個人計有5項最多,工作計有2項,策略計有2項,計畫計有0項,監控計有3項次多,檢核計有2項。 三、檢驗兩組專家評定指標重要性之一致程度,肯德爾和諧係數為.721,顯著性P值為.035<.05達顯著水準,顯示兩組專家對於「藝術創作歷程創造力指標」重要性評分具有高度一致性,評分者間信度佳。 最後,依據研究結論,對實務層面與未來研究方向提出建議。
This study constructs a set of Creativity Indicators of art creative process based on the perspective of meta-cognition theory of art creation. Using contemporary artists in Taiwan as subjects, the analysis applies mixed-methods and semi-structured interviews. According to the qualitative data collection, I build up the Creativity Indicators of art creative process and test the significance of the indicators as well as the consistency of the expert opinion by Kendall coefficient of concordance test. The main results are listed as follows: 1.The Creativity Indicators of art creative process consist of 41 indicators, including 7 Personal, 7 Task, 8 Strategy, 7 Planning, 5 Monitoring, and 7 Checking. 2.The experts from Arts Theory and Arts Creation both evaluate 14 indicators as essential for the Creativity Indicators, including 5 of Personal, 2 of Task, 2 of Strategy, none of Planning, 3 of Monitoring, and 2 of Checking. 3.The Kendall coefficient of concordance was 0.721 and the significant test was 0.035, which presents a high level of consistency of importance between two expert groups. Finally, I discuss the implication of the Indicators and provide suggestions for learners, teachers, and education administrations of arts.
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