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Title: 臺灣陶瓷工藝產業經營策略之探討- 以花言瓷語與傑作陶藝為例
The strategy of pottery and porcelain’s industrial arts in Taiwan: A case study of Rolandolee and Excellence Collection
Authors: 董澤平
Dong Tse-Ping
Lin, Te-Chang
Keywords: 經營策略
Management Strategy
Key success factor
Management Achievement
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 近年來臺灣陶瓷工藝產業在經營上呈現遲滯與瓶頸現象,基於策略管理對企業經營績效的重要性,運用策略管理知識以協助陶瓷工藝產業提升經營管理績效。策略管理理論是檢視目標達成所採取手段與資源配置,相對完善與周全的管理體系,並特別注重以績效面(產出)與資源、能力面(投入)角度。 本研究先以文獻分析法先探討臺灣陶瓷工藝產業外部環境分析、產業的關鍵成功因素等特性,繼而回顧策略管理相關理論,找出適合的策略規劃分析工具。並經由整理臺灣陶瓷工藝產業發展概況,探索臺灣陶瓷工藝產業的經營管理模式,以及影響臺灣陶瓷工藝產業經營管理的可能因素。 本研究為探索性研究,以個案研究法,針對個案進行次級資料蒐集、參與觀察與深度訪談。陶瓷工藝產業有其特性差異,因資源限制,本研究選擇成立五年以上,且有品牌、設計、生產、行銷通路等管理功能的中小企業者進行研究,分別選擇花言瓷語與傑作陶藝等兩家公司進行個案探討。研究架構構面分為:一、目標面,分析目標形成與策略控制的攸關性。二、關鍵成功因素面,分析產業關鍵能力與核心資源。三、策略評估面,對外部環境分析對照內部能力與資源因素考量的策略形成過程。四、績效成果構面,探討組織如何界定整體績效。 研究發現對臺灣陶瓷工藝產業的關鍵成功因素、經營環境、策略規劃與經營績效之攸關與整合性。以及對產業、官方與學術提出相關建議。也希望藉此研究結果給予其他陶瓷工藝業者永續經營之參考。
The arts of pottery and porcelain’s industrial in Taiwan for recent years that appear to procrastination and bottleneck. On the basis of management’s strategy is very important for operate performance. And how to use the knowledge of strategy to enhance it. The theory of strategy is perfect and thorough to review the goal archive that use what’s method and what’s resource to allocate. It’s focus on the output of performance and how much input in resource and capability. Using exploratory inquiry as the case study method to understand the difference of pottery and porcelain’s industrial. Owing to the resource limited, so I choose Rolandolee and Excellence Collection the two companies as my research target that they have brand, design, production, marketing manager function and to found more than five years. To research and analysis the arts of pottery and porcelain’s industrial form four parts. Part 1, about target, we analyze how to form it and the relevant of control. Part 2, about key success factor, we analyze the key success factor of industrial and core resource. Part 4, about strategy, we analyze external environment verse internal key capability and resource to make strategy. Part 4, about performance, how to define the total performances. After the research, we found the relevant and integrate about the key success factors, environment, strategy’s planning and performance. And made suggestion for industrial, official and academic. I hope the result of research can give the Sustainable management for the others arts of pottery and porcelain’s industrial in Taiwan.
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