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Title: <<哆啦A夢>>與藝術教育--分析暨調查研究初探
Authors: 趙惠玲
Keywords: 卡通影片
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究嘗試從符號學與神話學的觀點,剖析台灣當今的熱門卡通影片《哆啦A夢》,透視其結構與組織形式,以解構這部深受不同年齡層觀眾喜愛的卡通影片,分析其背後的意識形態,以及為何這樣的影片內容與架構會如此受歡迎。本研究將卡通影片的結構拆解為角色、場景與劇情設計三大部分分別作分析,分析結果發現此部卡通影片之結構有幾個特點,分別為: 一、角色設計:「卡哇伊與童心未泯」、「法力無邊」與「脆弱的男性與堅強的女性」。 二、場景設計:「質樸的近身性——歡迎光臨寒舍」、「時空的壓縮——小鎮風光」與「空間與權力——危機四伏的公領域」。 三、劇情設計:「教育與互助——讓我來幫助你吧」、「全球化之下的競爭——人生是一個奮鬥的旅程」與「公理正義的扁平呈現——驕者必敗」。 此外,研究者也依據分析結果設計問卷,針對高中學生對《哆啦A夢》之觀點做了初步的問卷調查,發現青少年雖有初步的思辨能力,但多為表象的觀看,而少有深入的批判思考,因此於結論中提出了藝術教育之觀看以及創作方法的建議,並認同視覺文化藝術教育的重要性與可行性,期望能藉由卡通影片的研究,為藝術教育注入新血,讓藝術的學習更加多元。
This thesis tried to analyze the structure of the animation“ Doraemon“ by the theory of Semiology and Mythology. The purpose is to confer the ideology behind this animation, and to realize why it is so popular between adults and children through so many years. I divided the animation structure into three parts: roles, spaces and the story, and analyzed them separately. After the analysis, I discovered several characteristics in this animation: 1.role design: “Kawaii” and retaining a childish heart, strong supernatural power, and tender males v.s. hardy females. design: plain closeness—welcome to my home, the compression of time and space—the scenery of small town, and space v.s. power—dangerous public domain. 3.story design: education and cooperation—let me help you! , the competition under Globalization—life as a striving process, and the flat appearance of judgement—the one who puffed up with pride is bound to lose. Besides, according to the analysis, I designed a questionnaire to investigate how senior high school students feel about“ Doraemon” , and discovered that although teenagers already have the basic thinking ability, but most are the observation of the surface; deeper critique thinking is few. Therefore, I addressed some suggestions about art education: including teaching ways of seeing and creation. I identify with the importance and feasibility of Visual Culture Art Education, and hope this study will make art education fresher, and add diversification in art learning.
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