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Title: 憂鬱之於藝術的呈現-吳孟澐創作論述
The Artistic Way to Transform Melancholy-A Study of Wu, Meng-Yun,s Painting
Authors: 宋曉明
Wu, Meng-Yun
Keywords: 藝術治療
art therapy
supreme therapy
interdisciplinary study
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本論文旨在探討透過繪畫創作進行藝術治療的過程,經由研究作品中所隱含的憂鬱和優癒之間的拉扯、對抗、和解與對話關係,進而達到分享自我療癒經驗的目的。 藝術治療是一門專精的學問,本論文雖然以它作為論述的理論基礎,但所研究的範圍並非醫學、科學或心理學,而是依筆者的親身經驗由果溯因,探究每件作品背後的故事,並從中找到一種自我療癒的方式。首先,引言研究的動機與目的,接著,闡述筆者如何從日常生活中尋找自我釋壓的良方,並以曾受到精神疾病所苦的藝術家為鏡,取經其長壽的祕訣,然後,筆者從第一人稱的身份中跳脫,嘗試以第三人稱的角色客觀地對作品的創作內容與方式作導覽。 本論文的研究方法是以自傳的方式導入正題,藉由事由、作品、心理分析等步驟進行自省與修正,最後達到優癒的目的。所謂「優癒」雖然是指調整情緒,使自我處於良好的狀態,但與痊癒畢竟有所距離,因此筆者僅以自身的經歷作探討,目標是自癒與分享,除此之外,筆者期許本論文能成為自己在未來結合藝術、靈學、心理學等跨領域研究的第一步。
Abstract The topic of this thesis is to study the process of art therapy through art creation. That is, the study relationship implying melancholy and adjusting the emotional situation between pulling& pushing, confrontation &compensation, conversation & dialogue to reach the purpose of sharing the experience of the painter. Art Therapy is a branch of advanced knowledge. Although the thesis is based on art therapy; however, it’s not the scope of medicine, science or psychology, but based on the true experience of the painter, tracing back to the stories behind the painter and trying to find one way to cure the painter. This thesis, first, cites the study of the motivation and the purpose. Then, expresses the way of the painter how to look for relieving herself and adopts the painter who suffers from mental illness as a mirror to realize the secret of longevity. Besides, the painter regards herself as the third person to guide creation content and art style objectively instead of the first person. The study method of this thesis is to utilize autobiography directing the main topic through the steps of facts, works, psychological analysis etc. to proceed introspection& modification and finally reach the aim of so called “supreme therapy”, which indicates the modification of emotion. However, it is still different from melancholy. Therefore, the painter hopes that this thesis can become the first step of interdisciplinary study in the near future which combines art, psychology with parapsychology. Keywords: art therapy, melancholy, supreme therapy, self-healing , interdisciplinary study
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