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Title: 樂齡者參與繪畫課程學習經驗之研究-以中國文化大學推廣教育部之長春學苑為例
The Learning Experiences of the Seniors to the Painting Courses: A Case Study of the School of Continuing Education at Chinese Culture University
Authors: 邱誌勇
CHIU, Chih-Yung
Chen, Chi-Yun
Keywords: 樂齡者
Continuing Education
painting courses
learning experiences.
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 人口高齡化的浪潮,正襲捲全球,我國的人口高齡化比率已占全國人口比例四分之一。繪畫課程的學習是一門很貼近內在世界的課程,能夠讓樂齡者從生命經驗出發,透過繪畫技巧、情感宣洩、發掘美感,而這些正是樂齡者在學習上所需要的。樂齡者退休之後,面臨身體退化、經濟來源銳減或中斷、與家人、朋友、社會的連結減少,造成生活品質降低、精神萎靡、情緒憂鬱感等狀況,使得樂齡者更加速的老化,因而衍生出更多社會問題。其實樂齡者只是欠缺一個「樂齡的機會」,樂齡者可以透過教育學習,持續增能,維持在活化身心品質的生活中,在藝術創作的洗禮下,實現享受樂齡退休生活的夢想。 樂齡者參與繪畫課程在學習中獲得收穫,了解樂齡者的學習經驗,使未來規劃對樂齡者真正有幫助符合需求的教育課程,以中國文化大學推廣教育部長春學苑提供一個樂齡者繪畫學習平台,幫助樂齡者活躍老化,打造一個身體健康、心理愉悅的環境。藉由繪畫學習實現對於自我實現,增廣見聞、社交關係、情感抒發、身心平衡、充實生活都有所提升,在其豐富的生活經驗與繪畫課程的激盪下達到滿足。 本研究探討訪談8位個案,年齡介於55歲至70歲之間,作為「樂齡者」和「繪畫課程」建構之依據,再以「半結構式訪談法」和「歸納法」進行評估與分析,並獲得樂齡者參與繪畫課程經驗之結果。
This study aimed to explore the Seniors motivation to study painting, the history, experience, and the factors affecting their continued studies, the effects of the cases living during the learning, and the signficances and values of painting studies to the Seniors. In this study, the qualitative research method was adopted through which Eight Seniors cases aged between 55 and 70 years old who engage in ink painting were interviewed. The resarch data includes: the cases interview contents. The observations and recordings of the researchers involved in the interview. All the cases had engaged in painting studies for more than 1 years. Painting courses is helpful to Seniors. "Continuing Education" has come out along with such idea. Its purpose is to help Seniors. The case study is "the School of Continuing Education at Chinese Culture University", and the direction of its program design is carried out in accordance with "Happily learn art, colorfully paint life" with having many painting courses. In the research process, the researcher also found that after painting courses, Seniors have broadened their horizon and improved their own interpersonal relationship, expression of emotion, aesthetic concept and fulfilling life; in addition, some of them have been encouraged by their abundant life experiences and painting courses to achieve the goal and reach the fulfillment in surpass oneself.
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