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Title: 時光逆旅-許寶勉彩墨創作論述
Time Reversal - Hsu PaoMien Ink and Colour Creation
Authors: 莊連東
Chong, Lain-Dung
Keywords: 時光逆旅
reverse travel
material mourning
color ink painting
heterogeneous connection
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 不知為什麼漫遊在臺灣的鄉村、城市裡發現有很多古老的建築總令筆者驚豔不已,聽起耆老們細數歷史來也令人感動不已,彷彿看見臺灣市井小民悲歡離合的景象,就像「海角七號」的電影一樣在眼前閃動著不曾褪色的真情。 土生土長的筆者,特別關懷臺灣這片土地,透過田野調查和寫生的方式,去擷取較古老的「建築元素」與「歲月語彙」帶入畫面,那些歲月痕跡總是被長久的惦記著,在年代的長度和緯度上有它們一定的語言和靈性,在探索古建築其結構和文化意義的過程中,也常常可以激盪出筆者豐沛的藝術能量!從開始漫遊的心態,到最後通過學習和更多的了解之後,筆者覺得這是一個責任,臺灣的老建築太多被忽略了,應該多做一些對古建築物有利的事情,給後代留下更多的文化資產的資源,當臺灣的建築系學生們想看唐朝風格的房子,像是屋頂、斗栱及柱就要到桃園忠烈祠,一直看到了本殿,唐朝再世情緣的畫面就從腦海閃過,這些細緻質感的木工的手藝都是值得一再品味。 本論文在架構上共分五章,第一章緒論,闡述個人的研究動機與目的、研究內容、方法及名詞釋義;第二章時光逆旅創作研究之學理基礎;第三章時光逆旅創作理念與思維的建構;第四章時光逆旅創作實踐與創作;第五章結論,希望透過本論文的撰寫可以釐清個人的創作脈絡,落實對藝術創作的理念並達成三個明確目的1. 寫景抒情,用藝術的意象去紀錄時間流逝的問題和表達時空的概念;2.在創新水墨方面,特別注重多元媒材的應用,製造出各種歲月斑駁的痕跡,讓水墨創作有更多層次感,展現人文關懷,刻劃出對社會、生活、自然的種種情感也使社會關懷的議題更凸顯;3.微觀一些依附在建築物的微小生物或生命,一個可能在傳統水墨領域是不被重視、不曾入畫的角色,卻由這次水墨創作開創一些新機。
I don't know why roaming in the villages and cities of Taiwan, there are many ancient buildings that have always surprised the author. It sounds like the old man's history has touched the author, as if he saw the scene of the sorrow and joy of Taiwanese people, like "the cape." Like the movie on the 7th, the movie flashed in front of the eyes without fading. The native-born author pays special attention to the land of Taiwan. Through field investigation and sketching, he draws on the old "architectural elements" and "years of vocabulary" to bring into the picture. Those traces of age are always remembered for a long time. The length and latitude of the age have their certain language and spirituality. In the process of exploring the structure and cultural significance of the ancient architecture, it is often possible to stimulate the author's abundant artistic energy! From the beginning of the roaming mentality to the final learning and more understanding, I feel that it is a responsibility. Taiwan’s old buildings are too much overlooked. We should do more things that are good for ancient buildings and leave more for future generations. The resources of cultural assets, when Taiwan’s architecture students want to see the Tang Dynasty-style houses, such as the roof, the brawls and the pillars, they will go to the Taoyuan Martyrs’ Shrine, and they have always seen the temple. The image of the Tang Dynasty’s reincarnation is flashing from the mind. However, the craftsmanship of these delicate textures is worthy of repeated tastes. This thesis is divided into five chapters in the structure. The first chapter introduces the individual's research motivation and purpose, the research content, methods and the definition of nouns. The second chapter is the theoretical basis of the research on the creation of time and the reverse travel. The third chapter is about the creative concept of time and travel. The construction of thinking; the fourth chapter of the practice and creation of time-reverse travel; the fifth chapter concludes that I hope that through the writing of this thesis, I can clarify the individual creative context, implement the concept of artistic creation and achieve three clear purposes. The image of art is to record the problem of time lapse and the concept of expressing time and space; 2. In the field of innovative ink painting, pay special attention to the application of multi-media media, to create traces of various years of mottled, so that ink painting has more layers and humanistic care. Delineating the emotions of society, life, and nature also highlights the issues of social care; 3. Microscopically attached to the tiny creatures or life of buildings, one may not be valued or painted in the traditional ink and wash field. The theme, but by this ink and wash creation to create some new machines.
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