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Title: 群聚與隱蔽—蔡沛倚繪畫創作研究
Crowding and Clandestine—The Researching Painting by Tsai, Pei-Yi
Authors: 朱友意
Chu, Yu-Yi
Tsai, Pei-Yi
Keywords: 群體
social issues
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 古今中外的藝術史中,些許藝術家與政治、社會之間有著緊密相連之關係。舉凡台灣藝術史當中,解嚴之後的台灣社會促使藝術家們對於社會氛圍進行反思, 並衝擊了藝術思維的擴張。我們可以理解,藝術創作在現今早已不被任何形式所約束,社會與藝術創作之間的聯繫也愈來愈近,在龐大的資訊傳播與科技進步之下,繪畫的呈現方式變得更多元自由。 本論文題目為《群聚與隱蔽》,共有兩系列創作,分別為《曾經的荒謬》與《悲劇英雄式的反叛》,旨在探討人際關係中所造成的心理影響,以及討論人們在群體社會中所引發的各種行為與狀態,而創作的實踐部分及藝術史中相關作品的探討、與現今藝術家社會議題的表現形式等探索亦羅列其中。筆者試著以過往的人生歷程作為紀錄,觀察自我與周遭環境下所形成的狀態作為繪畫表現之方向,進而衍伸出對於社會議題的反思。 筆者的創作之中,寫實與抽象間的相互並存作為創作形式,試著給予平面畫面更多的可能性。
In ancient and modern Chinese and foreign art history, many artists have a close relationship with politics and society. In the history of Taiwanese art, the society after the lifting of martial law in Taiwan has encouraged artists to reflect on the social atmosphere. This has resulted in the expansion of artistic thinking. We understood that art creation is not constrained by any form today. Moreover, the connection between society and artistic creation is also getting closer by day. Under the huge spread of information and technological advancement, the way painting is presented has become more free and diverse. The title of the thesis is “Crowding and Clandestine”. There are two series of creations, "Once Absurd" and "Tragedy of Heroic Rebellion". The point is to explore the psychological impact of interpersonal relationships. Moreover, it also discusses the the various behaviours people trigger in a group society. The execution of creation. The practical part of the creation, the discussion of related works in art history, and the exploration of the expressions of contemporary artists' social issues are also listed I record my past experience, observing oneself and the surroundings as the direction of my work. It then extended its reflection on social issues. In my process of creation, realism and abstraction are coexisting, aiming to give more possibilities to the art.
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