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Title: 蛻變.獨白 張文菁創作論述
Transform.Soliloquize─The Creative Discourse of Chang, Wen-Ching’s paintings
Authors: 蘇憲法
Chang, Wen-Ching
Keywords: 蛻變
mirror image
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本次創作研究,探討筆者從過去豐富的人生經驗中蛻變而出,回歸繪畫初衷的心靈鏡像。分為三個系列,第一,「珊瑚的蛻變與聯想」:藉由珊瑚石或咾咕石轉化成為起初的珊瑚蟲,暗喻筆者找回自己;第二,「借喻大地的循環」:由火山、冰裂和四季循環,呈現蛻變的心境:第三,「現實的變異和想像」:將都會光影、夢境片斷和尋常的靜物予以變異,發揮想像的空間,反映人生的體悟。 構圖方面,擷取大自然及現實的元素,構築超現實的圖像,揭露內心的真實。技法上,揮灑音樂化的色彩,透過層層疊疊的打底以及潑灑滴流的手法,呈現心理效應,含有表現主義的精神。 另外,透過單色明暗的透明化畫法,描繪作為主體的珊瑚蟲和人物,企圖打破主體的清晰性,反映自我浸泡在芸芸眾生間,不甚清晰的存在感,但卻有股蓄勢待發的生命力。透明化的表現方式,是筆者隱喻式的獨白。 創作的同時,爬梳黑格爾美學、表現主義及超現實主義的相關文獻,與筆者的創作相互映照。深悟心靈鏡像的繪畫表現,哲思的意味為其中特點,美感形式更是不可或缺。甚至,美感形式應略高於哲思或文學的說明性,方能回歸繪畫藝術的本質,與觀者對話。
Through more than 20 years of journalism, I have come back to my original love─painting. The creative discourse explores the spiritual images of my transforming. There are three parts of it. First, Transforming and association of coral─the coral stones have come back to their original form─coral polyps, just like my transforming. Second, Allusion to the earth cycle─Lava, ice crack and the four seasons express the thought of timing. Third, The imagination and variation of normal life─in the metropolis, dreams or ordinary still life, there are so many materials could transfer my idea. In composition, I use the elements of nature and reality to create surrealism images, to reveal the reality of my heart. In underpainting, I use multiple colors and textures to illustrate the feeling of music. That is similar to expressionism. In technique, I use monochrome method and paint transparently to describe the feeling of vague, the absence of existence, but full of vitality and get ready to go anytime. That is allusion to my soliloquy. In the period of painting time, I also study the theory of Hegel, expressionism and surrealism, and feel the same tempo with them. I realize that the painting of spiritual images is full of literature and philosophy, but the aesthetic forms are also very important. That is the core of painting art, and it will provoke a strong sense of emotional resonance amongst the audience.
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