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Title: 南方澳人文風貌寫生—吳敏嬌水墨創作論述
The Humanistic Style and Features of Nanfang-ao Port Sketch:The Discourse of Creation in Ink by Wu Min-jiao
Authors: 程代勒
Wu, Min-Jiao
Keywords: 南方澳
Different media and techniques
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 「南方澳寫生」創作論述,是筆者從1996年來到此地後,從生活體驗裡所見到、聽到的各種感受及內心的幻想,透過寫生繪畫來記錄的生活影像。為表達自己對南方澳當地居民的生活觀念、習性之探究。 創作過程,創作者以速寫構圖建立自己的創作風格,再以不同媒材技法來表達,繪畫創作出所要的圖面。闡述個人之研究動機與目的,研究內容與南方澳地理特質的述訴。當地人文、歷史、地理作相關的探討。寫生創作者以不同媒材和技法,分別以各幅畫面作敘述,解說各幅特色和技法媒材應用,作者表達個人風格創作理念和創作形式。最後以創作研究心得及展望未來作為結論 關鍵字:南方澳、寫生創作、特殊技法。
The description of "Nanfang-ao sketch" was what I saw and heard from various feelings of the local people and what I drew the imaginations in my mind to record the images of all life through sketch painting in "Nanfang-ao Port" since 1996. I wish to do a deep research about residents’life attitude and habit in Nanfang-ao Port. During the process of creation, I set up my own style by sketching the composition and express the emotion of painting with different techniques and media to create the desired depth of the drawing. The motivation and purpose of the study are mainly related to the geographical characteristics of "Nanfang-ao Port" and local history and humanities. Different media and techniques, respectively, will be described in various pictures, explain the use of its characteristics and techniques of media to express personal style of creative ideas and creative forms. I wish that the future will continue to be created in this style in order to promote the pure, beautiful and realistic corner of Taiwan on this land: the customs and practices of "Nanfang-ao port"。 Keywords: Nanfang-ao, sketch, Different media and techniques.
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