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Title: 光‧色—吳啟明人物繪畫創作研究
Lights vs. Colors--The Portrait Painting Creation Research by Wu Ci Ming
Authors: 王瓊麗
Wang, Chiung-Li
Wu, Ci-Ming
Keywords: 人物畫
portrait paintings
lights vs. colors
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract:   在西歐美術史的演變過程中,人物畫一直是重要的表現題材。筆者透過研究不同時期、派別的人物風格與技法來發展自己創作的另一種可能性與尋求自己在藝術上的定位。   文藝復興時期的人文主義思想為藝術家提供了新的創作舞台。隨著畫家達文西發展了大氣透視法,繪畫因此進入具有明暗的立體世界。巴洛克時期畫家卡拉瓦喬揭開了光的序幕,讓人物刻劃的表情更活潑生動。印象主義從光學原理探究色彩,從此色彩表現開始更多的可能性。   幾百年來,西方藝術不斷有著豐富藝術的表現手段與形式。中國畫家徐悲鴻把西方造型語言融入在中國畫裏,表現具有東方特色的人物之美,吸取東、西方藝術的特點,並以自己的審美、藝術觀詮釋現代的寫實人物畫。   本論文是以自然光線下的光.色來創作人物畫,並延伸具象繪畫的另一種可能。希望經由筆者的研究,能開創人物畫有更多不同面貌的發展與精進。
During the developed process of the art history in the Western Europe, the portrait paintings could be the important subject matters. The researcher tried to consider styles and techniques of portrait painting expression in different periods and factions so as to develop morepainting creation research and to explore the personal artistic form in art presentation. The Humanism in the Renaissance period provided the new creation arena for the artists. Following the Atmospheric Perspective of Leonardo da Vinci, artists conducted the chiaroscuro of the stereogram world. In Baroque period, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio raised the revelation of the lights, and the expression of portrait paintings showed more vividly thus. As for the Impressionism, artists explored optics principles to analyze colors. Henceforth, the colors of paintings were conveyed more brilliantly. For hundreds of years long, the western artistic ways of thinking and techniques last and innovated abundantly. Xu Bei Hong, a Chinese artist, tried to combine western plastic arts with Chinese painting image to represent portrait paintings with oriental beauty which assimilated the distinguishing characteristic between the eastern and the western arts. Also, based on his own esthetic point of view, he tried to interpret the concepts of modern portrait paintings realistically. The researcher tried to convey lights vs. colors to create portrait paintings within the natural light and extend a new possible of concrete art. Moreover, the researcher hopes this painting research can reach the goal as more various appearances of portrait paintings for the sincere art reference ever afterwards.
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