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Title: 岩壑皴痕─陳宜芬水墨創作論述
Lyrics of Endurance-Interpretation of Creation of Ink Paintings by Chen, Yi-Fen
Authors: 李振明
Chen, Yi-Fen
Keywords: 岩壑
Cracked marks of rocks and gullies
Image perception
Ink paintings
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本文藉由「岩壑皴痕」,傳達宇宙自然萬象,透過歲月的更迭洗禮所展現的生命淬鍊。 第一章介紹研究的動機目的、範圍方法,與研究和創作的關係。第二章探討自然萬物中的皴理。分別就宇宙的綿延、自然的彰顯、心象的感知,以中國的儒道哲學,與西方哲人對宇宙綿延發展思想做為依據,說明滄海桑田時空變易,無論易傳之觀物取象,或鐘鼎銘文經典藝術之傳世,皴痕不但為自然本身之表彰,亦為人類生活情感的記錄。透過心象的感知,與內在的投射與移情,所思所見不但形諸筆意,更為畫者表達內心傷春悲秋,與生命代謝之嘆! 第三章藝術表現中的岩壑之美,說明傳統水墨的岩壑筆意、現代水墨的興革蛻變,以及現代水墨以多元媒材與技法,橫向移植縱向改革,結合傳統與現代、科技與人文,熔古鑄今為當代水墨藝術,拓展新的思路和視野。 第四章則就繪畫創作的結構安排、墨韻的追求、風格的建立,說明創作實踐的經營與構思。 山水為中國繪畫主體,代表自然萬物的形態,皴痕為傳統繪畫技法,引申為時空歲月之語言,在此架構下發展出悲歡人生之理念與謳歌!
The discourse focused on the cracked marks of rocks and gullies to convey the refined traces left on the universe through long years after many trials and tribulations. Chapter One states the purpose of the study and explains the study's framework as well as significant relationship between creation and research. Chapter Two inspects the cracked marks of the natural objects, which not only display the change of the Nature but also record the history of the humankind, respectively through the Universe stretches, natural manifestation, and image perception according to the Chinese Confucian and Taoist philosophy and the thoughts of the Western philosophers to explore spatial and temporal variability. Chapter Three finds out the beauty of the rocks and gullies to discuss the traditional wash painting skills and the developmental change of the modern ink painting, which now combines the traditional spirits and technical advances to turn out in the form of the contemporary ink art with its unique vision. Chapter Four discusses and analyzes the framework, management and conception of the painting creation as well as its style establishment and ink essence pursuit. Landscape painting, the body of the Chinese painting, displays the forms of all the natural objects. The cracked-mark painting is one of the traditional painting skills, which demonstrates the signs of the temporal and spatial years. Under the framework, the study inspected the joys and sorrows of life in pursuit of the universal truth.
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