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Title: 靜觀自得─鬥魚系列 李振松繪畫創作論述
Contented Contemplation-Betta Series The Discourse of Painting Creation by Cheng-Sung Lee
Authors: 朱友意
Chu, Yu-Yi
Lee, Cheng-Sung
Keywords: 鬥魚
contented contemplation
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本篇論文是以筆者的童年回憶為開始。兒時記憶中,初見鬥魚而驚艷其美麗外型,然因當時時空環境條件不允許無法飼養,只在心中留下深刻視覺印象。長大後,在飼養鬥魚的過程中觀察、瞭解了鬥魚的習性,並且從中與自己的生活現況與人生歷練發生連結。 筆者進而透過靜觀冥想,對內自省個人性格與修養,對外思考自己與他人的互動關係。然後,進一步檢視自己所處的社會多元化環境,針對不同族群共處的狀況加以描述與檢討。 最後,總結於回觀自我本性,建立個人對台灣社會多元結構的生活觀與價值觀,以體現本論文之主題:靜觀自得。是以闡述世間萬物皆有其本性,明其性,彰其行,則一切事物回歸本位,運行得宜,和諧的關係亦不須強求便會自然顯露。心若平靜,即使是不善與他人共處的鬥魚,看在觀者眼中卻是展現個性、追求另類和平的優雅姿態。
This thesis starts with the images in my childhood memory. At the first sight, I was so amazed by the beauty of the beta. However, pet fish were not allowed at that time, only a deep visual impression left on my mind. After growing up, in the process of breeding betta, through observation, I realized their habits, and linked them to my current situation and life experience. Furthermore, through contemplation meditation, I introspective my personality and inner life. On the other side, I reflect my interaction with others. And then, to inspect the diverse social environment in Taiwan, and to describe and review the different ethnic groups coexist situations here. Finally, look deep into nature and establish a personal outlook on life and values of Taiwan's pluralistic structure of society, and to observe and exhibit the subject of this thesis: contemplation contented. It is explained that all things have their nature, understand them and show their behaviors, Then everything comes back to the original and runs properly; harmonious relationship, no needed to be forced, will naturally revealed. If the mood of the watchers are peaceful, even the Betta which are poor at communicate with others can show theiw own personality and elegant peaceful gesture.
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