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Title: 舞·韻 — 駱佳慧繪畫創作研究
Beauty of dance and rhythm —Research in creative painting by Lo Chia Hui
Authors: 王瓊麗
Wang, Qiong Li
Lo, Chia Hui
Keywords: 舞蹈
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本創作研究主要以女性的角度出發,探索生命階段中內心世界的複雜變化,藉由畫中舞者細膩的肢體動作來投射出隱藏內心的情感世界,生命的經驗與生活的感動。作品呈現舞蹈元素—動與靜、快與慢、時間與空間、虛與實等對比與交疊的關係,舞蹈的韻律與女性剛柔並蓄之美。 本研究共分五章,各章析論重點如下:第一章「緒論」,就研究與創作的關係作一概括性說明,包含創作動機、目的與範圍。第二章「舞蹈之探討」,闡述舞蹈的定義與特質,中西方舞蹈的演變過程,舞蹈動作的研究與探討,以及舞蹈主題畫作的舉例分析。第三章「創作理念與表現形式」,則闡述個人的創作理念,就作品上中呈現的元素、畫面的構成、表現的手法等方面的研究與分析。第四章「作品實踐」,除了闡述每件作品的創作技法及形式的分析,也說明創作的歷程與心境的轉變。第五章「結論」即對此次研究創作之檢視及對個人未來創作之期許。
This research explores the changing and complicated heart, reflexes the hidden thoughts, the experience and sensation from life in the perspective of woman by the dancing person’s exquisite body movement from the painting. The work presents the comparison and overlapping of the elements of dancing: move and quiet, fast and slow, time and space, fictitious and real, which connect with the rhythm of dancing, the rigid and soft beauty of woman. This paper totally has five chapters. In Chapter 1, Introduction, I will explain the relationship between researches and art making, including the motivation, purpose and scope of art making. In Chapter 2, the Discussion of Dance, I will explain the definition and specific characters of dance, the evolution process of dance in China and other countries, and the analyses by examples of paintings in the topic of dance. In Chapter 3, the Ideas and Form of Expression, I will expound my personal creative ideas in art work, including the study and analysis of art work’s elements, the composition of frames, and the means of artistic expression. In Chapter 4, the Practice of Art Works, I will not only illustrate artistic technique and creation form of every art work mentioned in the paper, but also tell the creating course and transformation of the heart of artist when I was working. In chapter 5, Conclusion, I will view this research again and give expectation on my personal art working in future.
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