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Title: 臺灣兒童讀物插畫近五十年發展研究
The Development of Children’s Illustration within the Last Fifty Years in Taiwan
Authors: 沈以正
Marilyn Lee
Keywords: 兒童讀物
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討兒童插畫的本質內涵與功能特性,分析臺灣目前兒童插畫的現況和發展情形,說明兒童與兒童讀物的關係,確認兒童插畫的重要性,同時就個人對兒童讀物的認識及對插畫家的瞭解,歸納出兒童插畫所應具備的要件,表達理念與創作心得,期望供日後有志從事兒童讀物插畫創作者研究的參考,插畫創作者有正確的觀念與嚴謹的創作態度是兒童插畫發展的契機,而社會大眾的共識、政府的支持更是使兒童插畫擁有美好未來的強大助力。 本研究共分六章節,茲簡述如下: 第一章:緒論 第二章:兒童讀物插畫的藝術特質與創作原理 第三章:臺灣兒童插畫的起源與發展 第四章:臺灣兒童插畫目前狀況與困境 第五章:臺灣兒童插畫未來發展與前景 第六章:結論
This thesis seeks to investigate the hidden nature and the specialty of children’s illustration. It analyses the present situation of children’s illustration, and the current climate for its future development. An explanation is given of how children relate to children’s literature. This thesis also records the development and importance of children’s illustration, all the while examining how individuals view children’s literature and how the public understands the profession of the illustrator. All this presents a much-needed document for the area of children’s illustration, expressing the individual’s ideas and creative attitude, raising the challenges faced and future efforts needed in children’s illustration in Taiwan. This research may be used as a foundation for future reference in the study of children’s illustration.
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