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Title: 質 樸 心 . 懷 鄉 情
A Heart of Simplicity and Feelings of Nostalgia
Authors: 劉文煒
Keywords: 質樸心
A Heart of Simplicity
Feelings of Nostalgia
painting languages
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 西方美學家黑格爾指出:藝術理想的本質,就在於「使外在的現象符合心靈,成為心靈的表現。」中國古代藝術論述中,只要達到較高層次的,大多也會從人與物、主觀與客觀的交融關係上來論述藝術創作的起始和極致,並主張最理想的創作出之於藝術家「心與物化」的創作狀態中。本文以「質樸心‧懷鄉情」做為創作主題,試著把心靈與客觀世界的遇合,作為個人觀察藝術創作的起點。並落實在藝術作品的建構上。 個人創作理念與學理基礎研究,可概分為兩個體系,一是個人習畫以來藝術與人文素養成長之回顧與探索,尤其深受近代西洋繪畫流派影響,從自然主義、巴比崇畫派到印象主義為主的繪畫理念架構,是個人繪畫創作理念重要的依據。另一方面是探討來自東西方藝術哲學思想之異同,對物我之間思維的方式與各種東西方式象徵意義的解讀。創作內容的選定與研究範圍,分為兩大項,一是自然界的題材,另項是以人物造形為主的「心靈之美」的探討。自然界的題材一直是個人創作的泉源,我對故鄉花蓮玉里的山川、景物始終有一種「發於心、抒於情、形於畫」的真情存在,這份質樸、純厚的感情衍生出個人的繪畫語言。
The western philosopher G.W.F. Hegel indicated that ideal art was to represent the mind by making images correspond to the mind. Equally, most of the ancient Chinese art criticism discussed the origin of art and the culmination of art in terms of the relationship between human beings and objects or subjectivity and objectivity. It also asserted that the most ideal artworks were created when the artist’s soul mingled with the objects. In this essay, the painter tried to explain how he represented his viewpoints on those paintings when his mind met the objective world. “ A heart of simplicity and feelings of nostalgia” is the topic of those paintings. The painter’s ideas are derived from two systems: one is the system of western aesthetics; the other is the system of philosophy in the western and the oriental world. The paintings are especially influenced by those western fashions, such as Naturalism, Barbizon, and Impressionism. On the other hand, by comparing the western aesthetics with the oriental one, the painter induces the relationships between the creations and the artists as well as their symbolic meanings. The contents of these paintings could be divided into to two categories: one is the category of the objects in the nature; the other is the category of figures. The nature is always the inspiration of the painter. And the painter have deep affection for the mountains, rivers and landscape in Yu-Li, Hualien, where is the writer’s hometown. The simple and pure affection derived his painting languages.
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