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Title: 現實治療團體輔導方案對國小國語科學業低成就學生學習態度與學習成就輔導效果之研究
Authors: 劉秀菊
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討現實治療團體輔導方案對國小高年級國語學業低成就學生在學習態度與學業成就之輔導效果。本研究採準實驗研究法,以「兒童學習態度量表」與國語月考成績進行前後測,及15 次團體活動結束後六週之追蹤測,測量所得資料以獨立樣本單因子共變數分析或詹森-內曼統計考驗。研究結果顯示:1.現實治療團體輔導方案能立即與持續使實驗組學生更自動自發與願意學習。2.現實治療團體輔導方案對學習態度中低程度之實驗組學生的學習態度、學習動機與學習方法具有立即提升的輔導效果。3. 現實治療團體輔導方案對實驗組學生的學習態度、學習動機與學習方法具有持續的輔導效果。4.現實治療團體輔導方案能立即提升實驗組學生的國語學業成績,但不具有持續提升的輔導效果。
The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of a reality group therapy guidance program on learning attitude and achievement of fifth- and sixth-graders who were underachievers in Mandarin. Quasi-experimental design was applied in this study which consisted of an experimental group and a control group. Participants of the study completed The Learning Attitude Inventory (LAI) and provided their grades of Mandarin three times as the pretest, posttest, and six-week follow-up test after completion of the fifteen-week therapy program. One-way ANCOVA or Johnson-Neyman analysis indicate that: (a) the reality therapy group guidance program has an immediate and continuous positive effect on the learning motivation of participants, (b) the reality therapy group guidance program immediately improves learning attitude, motivation, and strategies of participants with average or below-average achievement in Mandarin, (c) the reality therapy group guidance program continuously enhances learning attitude, motivation, and strategies of the participants in the follow-up test, and (d) the reality therapy group guidance program an immediate, but not continousl, positive effect on the participants'grades in Mandarin.
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