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Title: 中國繪畫應用在陶藝創作之結合表現研究
A Syudy on the Application of Chinese Painting Creations to Blendinng Expression
Authors: 楊須美
Shui Mei Yang
Kyung Ah Lee
Keywords: 中國繪畫應用在陶藝創作之結合表現研究
A Syudy on the Application of Chinese Painting Creations to Blendinng Expression
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 中文摘要 本論文題目為「 中國繪畫應用在陶藝創作之結合表現研究」。這是學生在四年的研究所期間之個人表現與心得,特別是在配釉與試驗釉藥燒成時顏色變化的結果,可說是從平面開始到立體,把中國繪畫移到陶瓷上去發揮,並結合實踐的創作作品。本文主要在敘述陶瓷器彩繪過程,在陶土與瓷土上使用不同釉藥與不同溫度來做成不同變化的表現。 本論文研究歸納如下: 第一章:緒論 說明研究動機與目地、研究方法與範圍、陶瓷製作流程圖、重 要名詞解釋 第二章:中國古代圖案紋飾繪畫於陶瓷上的表現 此章分為二節來探討。第一節闡述歷代中國圖案紋飾在陶瓷上 的表現,第二節著重在青花紋飾的發展。 第三章:陶藝創作過程之實驗研究與討論 此文章分為五節主要是分析陶土與瓷土的不同、製作釉藥、試驗 釉藥、燒法以及製作釉藥過程中的經驗。 第四章:中國繪畫創作之探索與體會 從中國花鳥畫中,徐熙與黃荃兩位畫家之風格來解釋花鳥畫的不 同面貌。另外對古代是如何把花鳥的題材,彩繪在陶瓷上的技 法,做進一步的探討。 第五章:創作理念與實踐 自述個人在創作中如何表現不同媒材,和作品分析與心得。 第六章:結論 提出製陶過程中的一些注意事項以及中國繪畫在陶瓷藝術研究之 心得,並重新思考與探討中找到個人未來的展望。
ABSTRACT This “A Study on the Application of Chinese Painting Creations to Blending Expression of Ceramic Creations” is what I tried to perform during the four years graduate toward a Master degree of Arts at the National Taiwan Normal University School of Arts. The performance was somewhat the expressions of plane to vertical representing a merging of two dimensional to three dimensional via paints and stains to the changing glazes (over-, under-, intermediate-glaze) onto the ceramic and porcelain with underlying fires (low-, intermediate-, or high-fire). I hereby described the skillfulness of glazing on the Chinese painting tinted ceramics and porcelains. The effort was especially rewarded to a variety of coloring expressions to the Chinese paintings onto the ceramics and porcelains I had created. The followings are summarized scopes and results of the study: Chapter 1 Prelude This chapter began with the introduction of purpose and motivation of the study; scopes and methods on research; flow chart in porcelain and ceramic production; glossary on important common usages. Chapter 2 Expression of Ancient Chinese Paintings and Glazes on Ceramics and Porcelains This chapter was divided into two parts: Part 1 described the characteristics, features, and special expressions of glazes in Chinese Paintings onto the ceramics and porcelains; Part 11 described the progression of Blue& White Porcelain in Ancient china. Chapter 3 Search for Experimentation with the Discussion on the Creation of Ceramics and Porcelains This chapter contained five segments to explain the clay differences on ceramic and porcelain, the glaze preparation and glazing experimentation, the firing skills and processes. Chapter 4 Chinese Painting Creation and Practicing This chapter explained what were among the articulated Chinese painting of birds and flowers; the Master Hsue-shi’s and Master Huang-chuan’s painting spirits and features were followed and modified; and addition with craftsmanship adapted from ancient skills on painting birds and flowers were followed and effectively studied. Chapter 5 Application and Practice This chapter was a self appraisal and comprehension of the expression in the created finals under a variety of media and materials that were selected and blended into. Chapter 6 Conclusion This chapter paid a final attention to the processing of ceramic and porcelain production on which I tried to follow the principals of Chinese painting.
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