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Title: 變形在商業設計之創作研究
Distortion in Bussiness Desing and creative research
Authors: 張柏舟
KUNG, Tung-Kuang
Keywords: 商業設計
Abstract: 本創作研究旨在探討變形在商業設計之創作研究,並藉著燈光投射、螢光 漆的效果,刺激更多的創 意產生,同時激發心靈的覺醒作用。也期望為新興變形藝術,引發拋磚引玉之效。 本創作研究共可分為四大部份: 1.第一章-說明本創作研究的動機,及其研究範圍與限制,並以作品說明 創作研究的方法與過程。 2.第二章-介紹中、外各國對於變形藝術的文獻探討,及有關變形的基本原理。 3.第三章-每件作品由創作主題的構思理念發展,設計作業的展開,實驗 分析過程,執行製作迄問 題的產生與解決之道,未來發展均作一詳實的說明。 4.第四章-就創作研究的過程,歸結總論與心得,並提出對後續研究發展的建議。 The purpose of this research is to probe it into the Business Design, with the effect of the projection of lights and fluorescent paints to stimulate more creativities, to arouse the spiritual awaking and to look forward to drawing forth the new ideas for for the New Distortion Arts. This research is separated into four parts: Chapter 1 -- The motivation, the limitation and the range of the research. Using works to explain the process and the method of the research. Chapter 2 -- Introduction of the studies of Chinese and foreign documents and literatures, and the basic principles of Distortion. Chapter 3 -- From the development of the composition and the principles for the subjects, the spread of the design task, the process of the experiment and the analysis, the practice of making the arts till the problem caused and the solutions, with detailed explanation for each work. Chapter 4 -- Conclusion and reflection from the process of this research and the suggestions for the further research. The purpose of this research is to probe it into the Business
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