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dc.description.abstractCreativity has commonly been thought as a personality trait, but, actually, it also could influence through transient priming clue. This study had three experiments to investigate the priming effects of "regulatory focus motivation" and "temporal distance to the goal" to the creative performance, respectively. Experiment 1 and 2 induced two kinds of focus motivation, respectively. One is promotion (by asking subjects to think offensive mission), the other is prevention (by asking subjects to think defensive mission).The results, relative to the control group, showed that promotion focus motivation priming can improve the performance on Chinese Remote Association Test (CRAT) and Test of Insight Problem (TIP). But, the prevention priming can not inhibit the performance of CRAT and TIP. Experiment 3 investigated the interactive effects of regulatory focus motivation and temporal distance to the goal. The method of inducing regulatory focus motivation is the same as experiment 1 and 2, and inducing temporal distance to the goal by asking subjects think the war mission of near temporal distance (offense or defense tomorrow) or distant temporal distance(offense or defense next year). The results showed the performance on CRAT has interaction, within the promotion focus condition the group of near temporal distance was higher than the group of distant temporal distance and control group, but, within the prevention focus condition the result was vice versa. Moreover, the performance on CRAT within the near temporal distance condition the group of promotion focus was higher than the group of prevention focus, but, within distant temporal distance condition it was no difference between the group of promotion focus and prevention focus. This study suggests promotion focus motivation facilitate stability the performance of creativity. Moreover, the temporal distance to the goal moderate the relationship between the regulatory focus motivation and the performance of creativity.en_US
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dc.publisherDepartment of Educational Psychology, NTNUen_US
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dc.title.alternativeThe Effects of Regulatory Focus and Temporal Distance to the Goal on Creativityzh_tw
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