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Title: 口語和閱讀關連性研究之文獻回顧與展望
Other Titles: A Literature Review: Research on the Relationship between Oral Language and Reading of Taiwanese Children
Authors: 劉惠美
Huei-Mei Liu
Chien-Ju Chang
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 兒童學習閱讀的過程中,口語能力在此過程中扮演哪一種角色?本文以文獻回顧的方式探討國內自1990 年到2008 年間關於口語和閱讀能力關連性的研究結果,文獻來源為發表在具審查制度的期刊論文,共有12 篇。分析結果顯示國內對此議題的探討大都以組間比較的研究設計說明閱讀困難或低閱讀能力學童的口語能力也同時較一般發展學童明顯低落,且各項口語能力和閱讀能力在國小階段大致呈現中低度左右的相關,但究竟是哪些特定面向的口語能力和哪些特定的閱讀能力成份的關連性最強,又或者這些關連性在不同年齡發展階段的本質為何,則仍無法形成定論。本文並針對口語與閱讀關係之研究提出未來研究的展望與建議。
The literature review summaries research findings on the role oral language plays in children’s reading development reported by Taiwanese researchers from 1990 to 2008, including 12 articles published in peer-refereed journals. Mostly based on sectional-comparison research, researchers concluded that, compared with normally developed children, children with limited reading ability or reading difficulties tend to have lower oral language proficiency. Low or medium levels of correlation between oral language and reading can be observed at different grade levels of elementary schools. However, research findings are inconclusive on the aspects of the relationship where the strongest correlation exits and the mechanism under the relationship between the two language abilities at various developmental stages. Suggestions for future research on the relationship between oral language and reading were discussed.
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