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Title: 三共振模態可撓式RGB光學濾波片白光照明之應用
Flexible and ultranarrow transmissive color filters by simultaneous excitations of triple resonant eigenmodes in a hybrid metallic–optical Tamm state structure
Authors: 李亞儒
Lee, Ya-Ju
Chen, Ting-Yun
Keywords: 彩色穿透式濾波片
transmissive color filter
Tamm plasmon
optical Tamm state
Fabry–Pérot cavity
distributed Bragg reflector
flexible and wearable
ultranarrow bandwidth
thin-film depositions
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 我們實現了一種可調式混合金屬-光學塔米能態的穿透式彩色濾光片,此裝置由雙介電質分佈的布拉格反射器(DBRs),與最上層的金屬薄膜所組成,並同時達到激發塔米電漿(TP),即光學塔米能態(OTS)和法布理-布洛(FP)共振模態,使三共振模態不論是在輸出光譜或欲達成的色度上,皆可坐落在可見光範圍內。我們也實際製作出了,可以透過簡單的設計,改變雙DBR的中心波長,便可調整局限在裝置內部的共振模態,且無論共振波長如何調整,都能保持超窄帶寬。藉由建構出較大的色域空間,在此CIE色域範圍內,只需要調整簡單的變數,便可以達到更多CIE坐標,顏色選擇性相對提高。接著我們進一步展示,由於我們的彩色濾光片僅需要透過簡單的薄膜沉積製程便可以將我們所提出的結構可以完整的沉積到軟性基板上,從而通過改變其彎曲曲率,即可達到調節穿透光譜以及欲達成的色彩外觀。本實驗的可調式彩色濾光片可用於各種應用,例如建築中的美學彩色裝飾,低成本和可攜式光譜分析儀以及光學應變/變形傳感器。
We demonstrate a flexible transmissive color filter based on a hybrid metallic–optical Tamm state device, composed of a thin metallic film on top of dual dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs), to simultaneously excite the Tamm plasmon (TP), the optical Tamm state (OTS), and the Fabry–Pérot (FP) resonant eigenmodes for achieving, spectrally and chromatically, triple transmittance peaks in the visible light range. We show that the resonant eigenmodes confined inside the device can be tuned at will by simply adjusting the designed Bragg wavelengths of the dual DBRs and retain an ultranarrow bandwidth regardless of resonant wavelength, creating the desired chromaticity points and constructing a large color gamut space in the CIE coordinate. We further show that, due to the fabrication simplicity of our color filter involving only thin-film deposition, the proposed structure can be easily integrated onto flexible substrates, leading to tunable transmittance spectrum as well as the color appearance by simply changing its bending curvature. The tunable color filter reported herein can be employed for various applications such as aesthetical color decorations in architectures, low-cost and portable spectral analyzers, and optical strain/deformation sensors.
Other Identifiers: G060777018H
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