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Title: 氧化鉿鋯之鐵電增強與多層技術於記憶體應用
Ferroelectric Enhancement and Multi-layer Technology of Hafnium-Zirconium-Oxide for Memory Applications
Authors: 李敏鴻
Min-Hung Lee
Chueh, Chung-Yu
Keywords: 雙層Omega型電晶體
Double-Omega FET
ferroelectric enhancement
multilayer technology
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 隨著科技演進元件微縮已面臨瓶頸,各領域的專家嘗試透過不同的方式如:結構堆疊、改變通道或是介電層材料等,設法利用現有的製程來解決線寬微縮所遇到的問題。其中利用鐵電材料當作介電層的元件在近年來相當受到研究人員的關注,因為鐵電材料為高K材料又同時擁有雙穩態的特性有助於改善現行元件。 本論文使用ALD (Atomic layer deposition) supercycle方式成長鉿基氧化物材料,故具有超薄和保角特性(Conformal)之優點。而此材料和FET整合也已經被廣泛的研究已利用於當前CMOS架構。本論文展示雙層Ω型FeFET具有電晶體(1T)存儲架構的可靠性應用在環繞式電晶體,(GAA-FET)上。根據實驗結果memory window (MW)=0.9V,及電流開關比可以達到104等優勢,有機會成為未來世代鰭式電晶體與應用在記憶體計算上的目標。透過搭配TiO2氧化層來降低退火溫度,同時設法提高電容有效電荷儲存量,探討TiO2在不同堆疊位置上之不同特性,研究在鐵電電晶體和鐵電電容上的特性。並研究多層堆疊技術,搭配不同濃度Hafnium-Zirconium-Oxide (HZO)與層數,達成在有效面積上提高鐵電效應於記憶體,整合上述技術期望能應用在現今記憶體的操作上。
The scaling of transistors has faced a bottleneck, with the advance of science and technology. Some approaches have been proposed to address the problem, such as stacked structure, changing the channel or dielectric layer materials, etc. Due to bi-stable state nature feature and high-k properties, ferroelectric materials as a dielectric layer integrated with current CMOS processes have been extensively investigated in recent year. The ALD (atomic layer deposition) supercycle approach is employed for Hafnium-Zirconium-Oxide (HZO) deposition, which has the advantages of ultrathin ability and conformal deposition for GAA-FETs. The double layer Ω-type HZO FET is demonstrated for one-transistor (1T) memory architecture . The memory window (MW) is 0.9V with Ion/Ioff ratio over 104. Besides, owing to lower of annealing temperature and the charge storage enhancement, TiO2 integrated with HZO on MFM capacitor and FeFET application worth further research. Finally, the laminated Hafnium-based oxide FeFET stack structure is studied for multi-level states and high-density storage. This work may pave the way for emerging memory applications.
Other Identifiers: G060777010H
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