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Title: 磁性熱消融技術之電子醫材開發
Development of electronic medical materials for magnetic thermal ablation technology
Authors: 謝振傑
Chieh, Jen-Jie
Sung, Yuan-Ching
Keywords: 高週波機械
High-frequency induction heater
Magnetic fluid
Liquid metal
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 甲狀腺惡性腫瘤(癌)是內分泌科門診中最常見的癌症,同時於過去十年資料顯示其發生率有逐漸上升的趨勢。甲狀腺疾病好發於20到40歲的年輕女性,常見症狀為吞嚥困難、呼吸困難、聲音沙啞、沒感冒卻持續咳嗽不止等症狀,經專科醫師診治的有甲狀腺結節、甲狀腺機能亢進、甲狀腺癌。 本研究藉由鎵基複合粒子,用感應加熱的方式來使鎵基複合粒子升溫以熱療形態達到治療甲狀腺癌的目的,而鎵基複合粒子帶來的磁控性能在治療上有局部治療和指引標的的功能。 高週波感應加熱機坊間皆為使用交流380V,或是220V,同時額外接著水冷系統,因此使用起來非常不便。本研究藉由更改高週波感應加熱機的內部設計,使其使用110V,且只需要少量的冷卻水,達到可隨時隨地使用的便利性。
Thyroid malignancy is the most common cancer in the endocrinology clinic, and the incidence of the disease has shown a gradual increase in the past decade. Thyroid disease occurs in young women between the ages of 20 and 40. Common symptoms include dysphagia, difficulty breathing, hoarseness, and no cough but persistent coughing. Symptoms of thyroid nodules, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer are diagnosed by specialists. In this study, gallium-based magnetic particles were used to induce the heating of gallium-based magnetic particles in the form of hyperthermia to achieve the purpose of treating thyroid cancer. The magnetic control performance brought by the gallium-based magnetic particles has the function of local treatment and guidance in treatment. The high-frequency induction heater uses AC 380V or 220V, and additionally follows the water cooling system, so it is very inconvenient to use. This study changed the internal design of the high-frequency induction heater to 110V, and only needed a small amount of cooling water to achieve the convenience of anytime, anywhere.
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