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Title: 具現場數位全像監控之雷射投影列印系統
Laser projection printing system with in-situ digital holographic monitoring
Authors: 鄭超仁
Cheng, Chau-Jern
Lin, Yu-Hsun
Keywords: 全像術
Digital Holography
Laser Direct Writing
Light-Induced Refractive Index Gratings
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本論文提出了一套結合全像條紋列印技術和數位全像術的雷射投影列印系 統 並且展示了相位閃耀光柵與一般繞射光柵的製造與分析。全像條紋列印技術,起初是為了解決 一般合成 全像列印術對環境穩定度的高度要求以及雷射直接寫入的設備昂貴問題,有別於 逐點 直接 寫入能量的雷射直寫系統,此系統是讓光束帶著從數位微鏡裝置投影出來的條紋影像,然後 轉印到光敏感介質上,以形成光折變光柵透過光學的分析,得以讓此系統的校正與設備需求上不需要過多資金的投入。最後,我們結合了數位全像術,得以檢測與分析列印完成之元件的相位分佈做為曝光條件的調整依據使我們可以列印出0到2π分佈 的純相位全像片來製造繞射元件,使整個系統的應用價值提高,最後我們會把一般全像條紋系統列印的繞射光柵與本論文所列印的閃耀光柵 做一系列的比較與分析。
We demonstrated an integrated laser projection printing system coupled with digital holography. As high environmental stability is essential for synthetic holographic printer, the holographic fringe projection printer is presented. It not only capable to solved stability problem; but also high cost and calibration issues for laser direct writing technique. In laser direct writing technique, the energy will directly write onto holographic recording material and it’s different from the holographic fringe projection printing technique. For holographic fringe printing technique, the laser beam carries the information of fringe pattern from digital micro mirror device (DMD), and expose on the holographic recording material. When the hologram gets printed, we can get phase contrast of printed hologram by digital holographic system, therefore, we can adjust the condition of exposure, it means we can print out a phase-only diffraction optical element (DOE) and phase contrast in the range of 0 to 2π. Finally, both of diffraction grating and phase grating are printed out and compared the diffraction efficiency between them.
Other Identifiers: G060648026S
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