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Title: 利用 I-line 微影及相關製程技術開發奈米級 Ω 型金氧半場效電晶體和無接面式電晶體
Development of Nano-Scale Ω-Shape MOSFETs and JLFETs by I-line Lithography and Relation Process
Authors: 李敏鴻
Lee, Min-Hung
Lo, Chieh
Keywords: 奈米線
Nano Fin
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 元件尺寸微縮在相同的面積下有著更高的效能,因此元件大小成 為現今科技業一直持續努力的目標,然而隨著元件尺寸持續的微縮, 短通道效應也隨著元件的微縮到來,當通道到達了數十奈米甚至是奈 米量級的時候,嚴重的短通道效應將會帶來許多問題,因此能夠有效 控制閘極能力至關重要,目前發展出許多方法來改善短通道效應,通 道使用奈米線並配合三維結構如鰭式電晶體、Ω 形電晶體,藉由增加 閘極的控制面積,來有效抑制漏電流,而這類型的電晶體也是在物聯 網時代低耗能的候選者。 本論文主要探討的是透過台灣半導體實驗室(TSRI) 0.35μm 製程 的設備,製作 Ω 型金氧半場效電晶體(Ω-Shape MOSFETs)和 Ω 型 無接面式電晶體(Ω-Shape JLFETs),藉由在矽基板上堆疊二氧化矽 和多晶矽來取代 SOI,盡可能降低成本並配合 365 奈米 I-Line 光學 步進機快速生產元件,配合各種方式來微縮元件尺寸,藉此開發具有 奈米級線寬的電晶體。
In order to improve CMOS device performance, we expect place more transistors on a single chip, so the shrinking of transistors is necessary. However, the short channel effects (SCE) are followed with transistors scaling down to nano-scaled. The 3D transistors such as FinFETs Ω-FET or nanowire have superior gate controllability to suppress SCE which are candidates for low-power application in the IoT (internet of things) era. In this work, we fabricate Ω-Shape enhancement mode FET (Ω-Shape FET) and Ω-Shape Junctionless FET (Ω-Shape JLFET) by Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI) 0.35μm process line. Stacking SiO2 and Poly-Si on the Si substrate to replace SOI wafer has an advantage of cost reduction. On the other hand, 365nm I-Line stepper could meet the requirement of rapid production. Therefore, we can develop any different size nano-scaled 3D transistor.
Other Identifiers: G060648017S
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